All For One…And None For All…

It’s time to take a serious and truthful look at the Republican Party…

Who are they supporting? It is clear that they are not supporting the American public who choose to support their conservative beliefs through the GOP…

Neither Republicans in the Senate or Republicans in the House, supported the American Rescue Plan…

All for one…and none for all…

The GOP has shown their true colors. They are loyal only to their party…not America…and not their constituency…They want and solicit the support of Republican Citizens when it is advantageous to serving their purpose…such as keeping their seats in The Senate and the House…to continue to persecute and character assassinate members of the Democratic Party, who despite shortcomings, are always supporting the American people…when their efforts are not blocked and attacked by the GOP. “Club GOP” has made itself exclusive to “self-service.”

Let’s clear up one very important truth that the GOP keeps touting as “excessive and unnecessary “free money” to the ailing and suffering American citizens, during this most dark and ravaging of times in American history; it is not free money…it is your money, taxpayer money, that is being returned to the American public…as it should be…

The GOP want to keep your tax dollars in coffers where they can capitalize off of it and enrich their own interests…

To watch certain Republican politicians continue to distort the truth while keeping their foots on the necks of the American public, both Republicans and Democrats, and Independents alike…is egregious…and a message must be sent to them by their public constituents, that they will no longer be “bamboozled” by the likes of Mitch McConnell and his Elephant “Klan.”

Examine “conservative values” and ask yourself if your lives move forward by holding on to traditions that can no longer be held in time… Or are your lives best served by moving forward and creating a better future for your families…and your children’s families, by opening up to a world that can no longer be stifled by traditions of the Past, and is forging forward in adjusting itself for the Future?

Without change, we stand to stagnate and perish in a country that will destroy itself in moving against the tide of change in fighting to remain in the dungeon of dark and archaic practices, which extend to Racism, Separatism…White Supremacy…Citizen Suppression…Poverty…Division…Inequality…Injustice…and the continued corruption in political arenas and misuse of taxpayer funds, while denying American citizens the right to a living wage, and a quality of life, that is always being touted as the “American Dream.”

The rights of Health Care…food on your table and a roof over your head, should not be the object of a “dream” but a right of passage to a dream of attainment which rises above fundamental elements of living a life above the poverty line.

How many Republican citizens will benefit from the American Rescue Plan, supported and passed by Democrats, but not their Republican constituents in the Senate and the House? Countless…and many are in desperate need of a hand up…yet not one of their Republican representatives gave them that “hand up.” Continuing to give your support to a “dead” party…is a continued walk to the death house for Republican citizens…It’s time to assess and put in leaders and representatives who have the best interests of the people and the country ahead of their own self-serving agendas.

The people of this country deserve to live and be given the opportunities which will give momentum and credibility to their dreams being realized…and a “hand up” when pandemics like “Covid-19” come to visit it’s horrific agenda upon the population.

The American Rescue Plan is putting our tax dollars to their best use…for the people…all people…regardless of party lines…this isn’t about parties…this is about being “American.”

If we can’t support one another in our times of need…then we are truly marked for doom.

The Republican Party embraces “All for One…and None for All…”

We must continue to demonstrate and support, “All for One…and One for All…” at all costs….

With our country and its citizens on the line…we must always remember and support America and her people…political parties come and go…we have only one country…and one people…Let us not lose sight of what makes America a home and a nation…it isn’t Democrats or Republicans or any political party…it is her people.

All For One…and One for All…

God Bless America….

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