To Blame…Is To Shame…Ourselves….

America is falling to a sickness which can be treated…

Blaming Asians for the virus…and perpetrating violence against people of Asian descent…is to shame ourselves.

To continue this ignorance with hatred is a direct attack upon our humanity…

Whenever acts of hatred are visited upon another it creates a chain effect of deterioration upon the growth and development of the human race in consciousness and spirituality…

And when acts of kindness and defense is given in protecting the rights of those violated by such acts of hatred and stupidity…it raises the bar of hope for humanity…

We blame and shame ourselves in doing nothing…because it only continues the cycle of mental madness which feeds itself and grows in its dysfunctional prowess…with every unchecked folly projected upon another in hatred….

Our saving grace are those who stand up to hatred by standing strong with the victims…speaking out…and challenging those who are infected with their own debilitating virus: Hatred.

There is a cure for the virus of hatred…

Yes…hatred can be eradicated…where it can spread no more…

The cure is Love….

To Blame….is to Shame…ourselves…

If we continue to ignore the cure which will give humanity longevity…

We will succumb to the virus and disease of Hatred…

And the greatest cure of all…is free of charge and always available to tap…

Love one another…

Develop your immunity….


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    Jul 04, 2021 @ 13:55:39

    Thanks a lot for the blog.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…



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