Earth Day Message…She Is Healing…

Today is Earth Day…and during this pandemic which has resulted in social distancing and home confinement…it has also brought about the Earth healing herself…from humankind!

Without the tons of vehicles coming and going which contribute to the polluting of the air, the air is cleaner and clearer…

Without the water vessel traffic on Earth’s oceans, seas and rivers and lakes, these living waters have been able to begin a cleansing to clear the waters of pollutants dumped callously about by humankind…

This pandemic is indeed a wake up call to humanity…in more ways than one…

The message is loud and clear:  Take care of  the human race, take care of your planet… If this crucial message is not received…the next wave of truth will be just as devastating as what we are now bearing witness to…

I have been observing people in my city…it is heartbreaking to see those who are not practicing social distancing, or protecting themselves, or their children, or others… by covering their faces while out and about shopping for food or other essentials (or non-essentials) observing latex and vinyl gloves thrown about parking lots and sidewalks…

We must learn to live in harmony with our surroundings…our environment. The ground is not our trash bin.

Until a vaccine is discovered for this virus, and produced, masks and social distancing is the new normal… until that day happens.  No one is invincible…no one is untouchable… The sun and warm days are not going to make this viral pandemic disappear or go away…

Life as we once knew it…is gone forever.  It will never come or be…again.  A new world is emerging, and this change is happening now…and it will continue forward…with or without the cooperation of humanity….

It is time for balance…

The Earth is healing…

Humanity is being given the opportunity to heal…

Learn and live the meaning of love…in all of its many facets…especially loving your neighbor as yourself…we are all brothers and sisters…in a world of one race…The human race….

The Earth will heal and cleanse herself… with or without man’s intervention…or  continued destruction…The law of the Universe is Balance…. and balance it will.

Earth Day Message…She Is Healing…

Earth Message to Humanity…Heal your hearts and open your minds…

The Universe is preparing to Balance…denial and ignorance will not stand in its way…

It’s time to change…or get lost in the transformation…


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