As April Ends…May Begins…

I pitched in and made masks for my community and posted that they were free to have to those who wanted to be protected, and to protect others if they were symptomatic, or asymptomatic…I received a fairly good response…yet and still, when I had to go out for food shopping, I noticed that people were out and about without masks…speaking to each other face to face, unmindful of social distancing and acting as it everything was as it was before this virus descended upon the world population…

As April Ends…May Begins…with the strange belief that all is falling behind us….businesses can reopen…people can once again repopulate common areas, and all will be right with the world, once more…Nothing could be further from the truth!

How can it be believed that after a little more than a month of sequestering, the virus has been controlled–without a vaccine–enough to put the population at risk of increased reduction due to additional infection, just to restart the economy?

Imagine….should the virus erupt three times as destructive to the populace of the world due to the rush to make money and move product, will there be enough people left to stimulate this revived economy?!  We must value human life more than the material gains so many wish to rush back into producing…Human lives and the environment cannot regenerate or reproduce at such an accelerated rate should the majority of it die or be destroyed…Sense and sensibility must prevail to preserve life and this living planet.

As April Ends…May Begins at high stakes…Don’t give in to the superficial and replaceable elements of materialism…Let’s save our souls…by saving and respecting our lives and the lives of others…give our planet extended life…Wear masks…wear gloves…practice social distancing…until a vaccine is produced we are all targets of this virus…our callousness to our planet weakens her reserve…be mindful…be courteous…considerate…compassionate…kind…don’t dump, litter or disregard the need to recycle, conserve and clean up after ourselves…this virus lives on materials cast aside, filled with live germs to infect the innocent and unsuspecting.

You are your brother and sisters’ keeper…your brothers and sisters are the world population…be good shepherds and shepherdesses…mind your flocks…who are your neighbors, families and friends, known or unknown, and all of the earth’s living, breathing entities and animals…be wise…be prudent…love… will show you how.

As April Ends…May Begins our journey toward recovery…Caution and reserve are the keys to the new world…Proceed with care…We are the key masters…..


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