Saint Patrick’s Day…

Mom - Maine 2013Mom passed away on Saint Patrick’s Day…March 17, 2016, at 11:50 am.  My heart was joyful because a prayer had been answered…a prayer to deliver her from her pain, suffering and torment had been mercifully answered.  I will love and miss my mother forever.  I prayed for the ability to tell her so, and God most mercifully granted that part of my prayer as well.

Believe this, all those who are still not convinced…God is very much in the here and now, and is watching while debts, sins and transgressions are being committed and adding up at a gargantuan pace.  The only person you are fooling, is yoursef if you choose to use your free will to sow massive seeds of destruction in continuously breaking spiritual laws as if they do not apply to you…

Free will is operating on this planet.  We cannot blame God for what we set into motion.  All that we are experiencing, and all that we are witnessing, is being committed by our own…people…friends…lovers…spouses…sisters…brothers…mothers…fathers…everyone.

Jesus said that he had come to bear witness to the truth…and the truth is “that there is none good but the Father.” I watched and witnessed as my mother was betrayed and persecuted by her children…I watched as the words of Jesus became a sobering reality. I understood, finally. mom 4

God knows our hearts…we may try and cover up the truth of our actions from others, but we cannot hide from God…and God is always here…always listening…always waiting…knowing all…

An answer came on Saint Patrick’s Day and reaffirmed my belief in things unseen….

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