Sins of Commission…

Lisa, Brenda and Deidre…

What you all have done and continue to do is not what Mom or Grandma, or our family is all about… Nor would they condone what you have done and are conditioning people and family around you to accept as truth… Cousin Mignon Jiles has bought into your masterful lies… hook, line and sinker…to the point of condemnation and participation…so sad for one who says that she is a “Child of God.”

You all need to stop with these fabrications or you will cause irreparable damage to yourselves and your children.  My niece and nephew came to me with troubled hearts, seeking solace in finding out answers. Is this what you really want?!

This was never about any of you. It was always about Mom and what she wanted and honoring her wishes.  Your unfounded imaginings took away Mom’s desired life, her wishes and the hard earned money that was going to buy her a new home…pay off all of her debts…and give her peace and comfort in her remaining years…

When she was living here in New England, I asked her if she would ever be happy…

“No, she said…because the children I love won’t let me live my life in peace.”

You all certainly proved her right with your never ending persecutions of her…Who would call the police on their mother for not wanting to stay overnight with them? Who would file an erroneous conservatorship petition against a mother’s competency, in a bid to have control over her mother, knowing her mother did not want her to be her caregiver, let alone, her conservator? Who would take a mother away from her chosen caregiver, stating that “I would rather see my mother dead, than for her to be with Charlene!”

Why, Lisa? Because she did not want to be with you? She made that plain and clear in documents and videos, that you still refuse to acknowledge….

Your delusions must cease, as I mentioned above, this is NOT our family’s way…to promote such darkness, lies and cruelty…

Grandma’s family has always been about love and kindness… What you are all doing is laying waste to their goodness…

God knows your hearts… What you are doing and what you have done is not honoring Mom or her family… She would not, and did not subscribe to this…

End it, and find yourselves before it is too late… Do it for your children. Find peace…

The truth is being revealed…it can no longer be contained….

Our loved ones leave behind spaces in the world that can never be filled.

But they also leave behind love and light in each of us,

sparks of joy and hope

that live in our hearts and give strength to our souls.

A sin of commission is a sin that one takes action to commit, whether in thought, word or deed…knowing…that it is wrong.

“What comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a person. For out of the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false witness, slander.” (Matthew 15:18-19).

Brenda, I was crying for all the wrong that you, Deidre and especially Lisa, did to Mom and continued to do… you could not respect her enough in her transition from this life to the next, to stop with your inappropriate comments, actions and deeds, at her deathbed vigil. She heard every word…every falsity…every curse word…all your unfounded venom…at her bedside. Shajuan is definitely your daughter… evil is the result of bad actions stemming from a bad character. Evil is morally wrong, sinful and wicked.

Your hearts were seen that day of all days…by everyone…especially Mom. You all gave her an everlasting portrait of who you really are. The truth will continue to be revealed….

Those who live by the light, will always shine their light like a beacon…through the darkness…

Those who close their minds, hearts, and souls to light and embrace the darkness in spewing evil, cruelty and hate, have made a conscious choice in thought…word…and deed…your choices have been made very clear…you cannot serve two masters.

Sins of Commission continually committed, know only one path….











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