December 31, 2015…

The end of the road has arrived for another year…The final day of 2015. How fast this year has come and is now hours from being over.

When I woke up this morning I realized just how much time has “gone by” in my life… This year had been a difficult one, perhaps that is why it was obliged to fly by so quickly.  God is merciful in so many ways!

The difficulty that culminated in 2013 with a family and a system of justice gone bad, caught up with me this year in bouts of depression, anger and helplessness…things I wanted and meant to do to reach out in correcting the wrongs that were effected against the person most egregiously victimized, fell to the wayside once again.

Life has a way of just happening around you, and the best laid plans of mice and men disappear in the ethers, and a new year is suddenly upon us!

The last 12 months have left its mark on nearly everyone in ways we could or may not have imagined…we are confronted with the final countdown, and expected to pull it all together for the beginning of a New Year, 2016.

Are you ready? Speaking for myself, I don’t know….I want to start the New Year with a clean slate, but so much is still left unresolved…if you walk away from the collateral damage, it will only resurface in the New Year.

Really, there is no such thing as “forgive and forget.” It just tags along, nipping at your heels until it is addressed and resolved…I guess it takes another year to do that.  The realization I have made is that we carry it all with us, sometimes blindly, sometimes with much conscious awareness…because it is all woven into our fabric and our journey through this life…until our time comes to lay down the burden and meet our Maker…

So, we are on the precipice of another New Year…will it fly by like the last? I’m sure it will…and the way we will make it through is to remember this…just be true to yourself, in whatever you do…live the best life possible…ease your burden when and where you can…love everything and everyone without inflicting harm to yourself or the recipients of your love…and work hard at leaving the world a better place for those who will follow…

Our tapestry is continuous and time is just a perception…The end is only the beginning…again.


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