I Cannot Find Forgiveness…


I wish I could be a better person…I really try, but some days I just don’t make it. Some days, it just feels better to be in that moment of “freeze”… Neither here, nor there…just frozen in time, space and emotion.

It is devastating being an empath in a predominantly hateful world.  So many people who know in their hearts that they are committing evil, try to pass it off as good…I have an ex-family of those, and I will share their names…Lisa Boatwright, Deidre Bangs, Brenda Blake, Gregory Bangs, Brett Boatwright, his wife, and their issue, Shayne Berry, Tecoy Berry, Shajuan Blake, Ojwan Jiles, James Jiles, Mignon Jiles, and all those who stood by and did nothing while they committed their mentally dysfunctional deeds under the guise of “caring” about a mother, aunt, sister and grandmother, when they could care less about her… they took away her life, never came to see her, call her, or cared about what SHE WANTED…they only cared about what they could get, take and covet from her as their own! God, what the Devil has conceived in all of you!

I was banished from mom’s life because I loved and protected her…protected her at her request, from a “family” of dark, spiritually bankrupt and corrupt individuals, calling themselves, “family.” None of you know the meaning of “family.” And none of you ever will.

I have been silent about you all…not anymore! I will dedicate the rest of my days letting the world know about the sociopathic horrors that you all have committed against mom, Gerlene Bangs, and others, because any one who knows any of you, or ever will come to know you, must REALLY know you!!!

Knowing what you all have done, and how you try to pass yourselves off to the world as the “injured” parties, is just too much to bear…knowing the truth.  The truth will no longer be contained…

I am tormented day in and day out by the deliberate suffering mom endured, by Lisa’s fraud to the court to become a “conservator” over a mother whom she despised because she “repeated” a few things in a conversation to her…everyone does that, even you, Lisa! But then, you are “special.” You deny everything, even my nephew’s deafness…if you had gotten him the help he needed when he was a small child, he would have been better equipped to handle his fate, through his growing years, and may not have contemplated suicide, to get away from the likes of you!

Thank God, he confessed it to his cousin, and to me, otherwise he would not be here today.

You tormented mom so badly, that she asked me if I had a gun, when you came to New Hampshire with your lies and your fraudulently obtained court papers of conservatorship from California. With the aid of Ralph Palmieri, calling the Judge in New Hampshire to set up a mock “hearing” in a court of improper jurisdiction, when it was to obtain a permanent restraining order against you!

I asked mom why I needed a gun, and she replied, “To shoot Lisa…if you can’t shoot her, give me the gun, and I will shoot her!” I said, “Mom, she’s your daughter!” And Mom said, “I don’t care, it’s the only way she will stop!” I went into the bathroom and cried.

We were in a hotel in Massachusetts, because mom did not want to go home to our apartment, for fear that Lisa would show up there and take her back to California against her will…which is what eventually happened, due to the officious intermeddling of Barbara McPhee, Elliot Senior Health Center “Social” Worker, in Manchester, New Hampshire and Barbara Trahan, “Social” Worker Ridgewood Center in Bedford, New Hampshire, Chief of Police, John J. Bryfonski, and Patrolman Amy M. Champagne, Bedford Police Department.  Patrolman Amy M. Champagne interfered in a civil matter, along with Police Chief Bryfonski by honoring paperwork outside of New Hampshire’s jurisdiction.  There are laws that protect residents subjected to Foreign Conservatorships which they had no knowledge of, and had they not interfered Gerlene’s rights and wishes would have been protected. A gun and a badge give free passage to the breaking of laws…along with threats of arrest.

The social workers and the police officers entered into realms outside of their function and caused further damage to a situation which they knew nothing about.  Lisa continued to twists truths and realities to gain control and “possession” over her mother… To be continued….









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