The Day After Christmas….

Somehow, Christmas didn’t seem like Christmas this year…So much has happened to take away the joy of a momentous occasion. The birth of our Savior was just another day…

It was just another day because so much of humankind has forgotten the reason for the Savior’s birth…so many have chosen to follow that which is fleeting, and that which holds no salvation to the human spirit. We have adapted into the ways of the world…we were cautioned not to be of this world…just to be in it.  We were to protect what is good and just…to uphold and support the truth at all costs…and we have fallen once again…and fail to uphold the laws which cement heaven…earth…and all that is outside of our scope of understanding.

We were charged to love one another…and someway, somehow, self -interests outweighed the supreme call of unconditional connectivity…clearing the way to be inhumane and unrelenting in destroying all that is good in the human heart…

What comes to mind when you think of “Christmas?”

What does it mean to you? Have you passed on the miracle of the gift of Christmas at all, with even the gift of a smile?

Christmas isn’t about the receiving of gifts….it’s about giving of yourself to light up the life or lives of others…with love…love that is given in the spirit of love…as He was born to give you the Truth…The Light…The Way….

He cries, and the Angels wail…because we have forgotten His purpose and His sacrifice…and our legacy of love….

Forgive us, Father…for we know not what we do…and have done.

A Christmas afterthought.




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