Being thankful to give is the message today…

People hold the fate of the world in the palm of their hands. When we realize that being thankful means what we give to the world…not what we take from it…is the meaning of true “Thanksgiving,” we will see a new light of positivity emerge in the world and in our lives.

We must take a step back and take a good look around our created worlds which we have created within the reality of what is going on around us…truly…with honesty and reflection. What can you give to the world that will change your life and the lives of others in a most positive way…to ensure that the world keeps on turning…healing…and giving us the very air that we breathe?

What can we give to someone…anyone…to improve upon their condition of struggle…adversity…pain…or add to the smiles and selfless giving that does, somehow, seem to find you…in your moments of empty nothingness that strikes like a viper in the most inopportune of moments?

Giving thanks is more than sitting down at a dinner table and sharing a meal…one day out of the year. Understand the message of Covid-19…How appreciative are we of our times spent with loved ones and friends? Until we fully understand the meaning of “family”…of “friends”…of human connectivity…and how we mock the gift of life by holding selfish beliefs above selfless giving…the world will continue to experience loss in life…and loss… in humanity….

Give thanks in being capable of giving…

Give thanks in what you have been given…in goodness and wisdom…that you can pass on in contributing to make the world whole and give it strength in supporting life and adding longevity to its journey of existence in our galaxy.

The Earth does not restrict or withhold in giving her gifts of life…Why must we?

Thanksgiving is so much more than what it is chosen to represent…

Give thanks for “Thanks-In-Giving.”

Give thanks that you can….

Everyday we are given another day of life…

Another day to give thanks….

Another day to give…

Another day to be thankful…and understand…everything we have…was given.

Everyday…is Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving…

Happy Thanks-In-Giving!!!!

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June 2023
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