Stepping Outside The Box…

There is so much chaos going on around us…with anything and everything imaginable manifesting to further complicate everyday living by the escapees from Pandora’s Box…

Being witnesses to those who are creating the dramas that affect lives in the day to day process of living, should be more than enough incentive to step outside the box…

Several days ago, Whoopi Goldberg made statements that infuriated the Jewish community, and others, to the point of her suspension from “The View.” First of all, the irony of a show that expresses viewpoints, handing down discipline for free-speech and personal beliefs, shows the hypocrisy of human nature in spades…One cannot be openly expressive of their views while exercising freedom of speech in this country…unless people learn to step outside the box and educate instead of punish and ostracize those who have the right to their personal beliefs…

Stepping outside the box would have enabled those who stood in judgment to see and understand why those statements were made by Ms. Goldberg…Instead, punishment is always preferred to education and correction in our society of intellectuals and the educated.

Ms. Goldberg presented her understanding of Racism from her experiences as well as knowing America’s history on Racism with people of African ancestry, and the enslavement of Africans brought to this country as work horses and chattel…devoid of any rights to be…or treated with any kind of humanity…let alone equality…further continuing the devaluation because of the color of their skin…their languages…and their way of life…normal on their mother continent…totally unknown and misunderstood from those in a land who forcibly took them from their own…

I once had a gentleman who was my employer and was Jewish. We would have many conversations on Jewish people and their battles with racism, and Black Americans’ battles with racism…He said that what lessened their persecution was their ability to “assimilate” due to their coloring….He said that it was unfortunate that Black people did not have that ability as a group to assimilate by color to help ease their persecution and inequality….

The treatment of those of Jewish descent and ancestry was indeed man’s inhumanity to man…it was also a plot of genocide…

Was it Racial?

To those who understand the history of the Jewish people…it was…to those who do not know the history of the Jewish people…it was viewed by many as “man’s inhumanity to man.” And it was…

Most people who are not familiar or learned in the history of the Jewish people, view Judaism as a religion…not a Race of people.

Historical definitions of race and such concepts divided humanity as follows:

Caucasoid: Aryans, Semitic, Hamitic

Negroid: African Negro, Khoikhoi, Melanesian, Negrito, Australoid

Mongoloid: North Mongol, Chinese and Indochinese, Korean and Japanese, Tibetan and Burmese, Malay, Polynesian, Maori, Micronesian, Eskimo, and Inuit, American

Uncertain: Dravida and Sinhalese

Please take note that within the race of “Caucasoid,” are Aryans…Semitic…Hamitic…all classified as belonging to the race known as “white” in everyday jargon…

Taking view to this “classification” of race…it was clearly “Man’s inhumanity to Man.”

Taking view to the History of the Jewish people…Racism was also at issue…The Holocaust was an attempt to extinguish a race of people…

Genetic research has found that the idea of and differentiation of races was indeed wrong.

Today, scientist agree that there is only one race…the Human Race.

Taking a look at the definition of “Racism” according to the Oxford Dictionary, it reads and defines as follows:

“Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.”

Take a look at “xenophobic prejudice” and “self-hatred” which also contribute to “race splintering.”

“Race” is…and still is… most certainly entrenched here in America and around the globe…practiced as the definition of Racism..and linked strongly to “skin color.”

We can see what devastation and destruction has been visited upon specific members of the human race due to “classification and separation” of humanity into “ethnic groups” or “races” by scientific curiosity and the need to isolate and study…without giving thought to consequences and genocidal conclusions…due to ignorance and the need to differentiate.

Some scientists said that Jews were a race in the 19th century.

A man named Houston Steward Chamberlain (September 9, 1855 – January 9, 1927) authored many popular scientific books in his time and wrote that Jews were a race, and were a danger to other people. He was acquainted with Adolf Hitler. Chamberlain was known for his Antisemitism, and his best known book, The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, was viewed as a standard antisemitic piece of the early 20th Century….

A person who is of Jewish heritage or who has converted to the Jewish religion is considered to be Jewish.

A Jewish person is not only one who practices the religion of Judaism, they are also people of ethnic heritage, originated as an ethno-religious group in the Middle East.

Traditional Jewish law, called Halakha, is written that someone is Jewish if their mother is Jewish, or if they have converted to Judaism. Judaism has been defined as a religion, a race, an ethnic group, a culture, a nation…an extended family….by the way of Jacob, father of the twelve tribes of Israel…Jacob was the grandson of Abraham, whom God promised (Abraham) he would be the “father of many nations.”

Many years ago, I accepted a position which gave me the opportunity to be educated in Jewish history, religion and culture …as an Executive Assistant to a Rabbi. It was a fascinating and enriching experience…and the learning is ongoing.

We must move forward in “Stepping Outside the Box,” to practice forgiveness…understanding…and teaching others out of their ignorance…misconceptions…and innocence. How else can they learn if wisdom is coveted?

We must seek to understand before hastily passing judgment without the truth of facts. Swiftly moving to condemn destroys any hope of humanity in situations such as the one presented by Whoopi Goldberg.

I do not condone or condemn what statements were made…stepping outside the box…Freedom of Speech, which is “The right to express any opinions without censorship of restraint…” was conditional… and selective against what freedom of speech is supposed to represent in Ms. Goldberg’s expressing her statements…yet the speech that Trump made to his constituents that resulted in the insurrection of January 6, 2021 at the Capitol Building, resulted in no punishment of a speech that posed and resulted in a “clear and present danger” in inciting a riot resulting in destruction and death.

Trumps words created an imminent risk and threat to safety and other public interests by naming persons to be harmed, and sanctioned the destruction of government property.

We must step outside the box and understand the real threats…as opposed to statements truly made by legitimacy of understanding…without intention of harm or malice.

We can and must rise above our own contributions in stifling progress in our desires for peace, unity and promoting equality and human rights…by not becoming judgmental and jumping to condemn…before we seek to understand…and impart resolutions without bias…

Step out of the box…step away from the chaos…seek to teach…educate…understand…

The only way we can heal as people and as a nation…and a world…is to stop the cycles which punish and condemn…when wisdom and understanding can open doors to enlightenment….

Our beliefs define us…they can either destroy us or lift us up…depending upon points of view…the positivity…or the negativity…of those beliefs come into play when they are taken out of context by the beliefs of others…

How can we keep a common ground?

By stepping outside the box…

Let’s begin by taking a closer look at “Character”…

“The mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.”

“Character” gives the revelation of harmful intention and malice…..

Trump or Whoopi?

Who represents and upholds character…and who does not?

Your answer will come by stepping outside your box….

Finding Peace In A Nation Of Chaos…

The simplicity of living was taken away from us with the implementation of rules and laws that are formulated and designed to take away our peace and limit our freedoms… while the majority just want to live a life of quality, peace and happiness…others wish to create chaos and keep our nation in a state of flux…along with the lives of the average citizen.

If inalienable rights were really honored, freedom would be undeniable and enforced for all people living in the United States…regardless of Race, Color, or Creed…the inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness would be the golden law of the land, and preserved and protected at all costs…for everyone.

The America we live in today would not exist as a divided land of conscience…if inalienable rights…peace…freedom…equality…liberty…and happiness, reigned in the “Land of the Free.”

Every citizen of this country…regardless of Race, wears shackles…and are slaves to something…someone…real or imaginary…and they keep the cycle of discontent moving…moment to moment…minute by minute…hour by hour…day by day…week by week…year by year…decade to decade…century to century…and beyond…until it builds up such complexity of contagion and spiral webs so tangled…it holds generations captive…with only a few managing to escape the chaos and turmoil to build real and true lives of peace…if ever.

What is real…and what is true? If living in America has taught us anything…it has shown us that history is not reliable, lacking much in what is real and what is true…That anyone can be bought…sold…bartered…traded…and robbed of life…liberty…and the pursuit of happiness…Some victimized themselves by selling their souls…some quite innocently victims…because of the color of their skin…Just ask those who were brought over in shackles because of their looks and color…and ask those who were indigenous and free…loved and honored the land…before they were deemed “savage”…exterminated…with the remaining put on Reservations….

Finding peace in chaos means identifying the chaos and putting an end to it.

Finding peace means when the chaos is identified…the courage to end it must be present…willing and able…to put an end to it…for the sake of peace.

To identify the chaos…one must first seek out the chaos in themselves.  Find the courage to end it once it is identified…and start incorporating peace within…to bring it without…

Once that is done…like-minded individuals begin to emerge on the scene to create peace within communities and chaotic organizations and institutions that create laws and rules designed to keep people suppressed…joyless…prisoners of social, economic and governing disparities, in order to control and regulate the quality of life, while dangling half-eaten carrots under the noses of citizens…who dream of a life of simple pleasures with the means to enjoy life…liberty…and the pursuit of happiness…which is their inalienable right…and their peace.

These laws that are being put into place to suppress specific voters are just the beginning of the end…the end of a young country still battling to find peace.

Being led like sheep to the slaughter only intensifies the chaos and secures a countdown to the end of Democracy… Don’t be fooled…the right hand is keeping the left hand busy by blinding it to the truth of what is really going on. The “right hand” is the politicians running the country as they see fit…The ”left hand” is “We the People.”

We are not a country of “Democrats and Republicans.”  We are a country of people who want our lives to be something more than pieces on a chessboard maneuvered about in somebody else’s game…

Peace will be a struggle…but a battle worth fighting and winning.

Finding peace in a Nation of chaos is up to each and every one of us…

We can do it…

Our Nation awaits….

To Bear Witness …

2C78D09200000578-3243393-image-a-90_1442847432349 Come one…come all, Little Children…and bear witness to the final countdown of the last days…

The end of hope for a nation and a world of all men living the dream of equality. Be not afraid, for this demise will bring forth a new beginning and a new understanding of all things… It is the dawning of a new tomorrow…

Behold the “Second Fall of Man” through man’s inhumanity to man.  ISIS cuts off heads…our justice system cuts out hearts. There is no lesser of the two atrocities…save for the apathy of the ages…it is the shroud which cloaks our hearts and souls, and renders us stone cold to the suffering around us…and the suffering we create…

Come, Little Children… Bear witness…take up your cross…and shoulder the burden of injustice and despair that Mankind continues to pour upon one another….

“Baby Bella” is dead… The songs , the flowers, and the “after-anger” is not going to bring her back.  The most tragic truth of this entire occurrence is that Baby Bella did not have to die!

Discovered in a plastic bag washed ashore on Deer Island in Boston Harbor, in June of this year…Despite an artist’s portrait displayed everywhere in an attempt to identify her and have someone come forward to claim her, she laid for three months, without the slightest regard of her missing from somewhere…from someone.  No calls…no police reports…no missing reports… How could someone so fragile be so unloved and held with such horrific disregard? For three months she was not “Baby Bella”, she was “Baby Doe.”

Who killed Baby Bella? Everyone did…yes, all of us!

Perhaps for the record, it was Michael McCarthy and Rachelle Bond…However, we all know that everyone failed Baby Bella.  Everyone. Those around her failed her directly.  Those not around her failed her indirectly.  Failure indirectly is anytime you witness anyone in a harmful or potentially harmful situation, and you do nothing…you contribute not only to that person’s (or persons) inevitable harm, but every person that is not in your range, because you condone the act before you, by doing nothing!

It is especially egregious when facts are known, and nothing is done about it.  Every time a child dies from abuse, neglect or abandonment, we are held accountable…no matter how much we try to make excuses, or wash away the guilt.

All the afterthoughts, gestures, and cries of horror and disgust will never erase the truth of this travesty from our hearts or our minds…or ever cleanse the guilt from the souls of us who know…those of us who know and have witnessed those who turn away…those who turn their backs…every time we say, “It’s none of my business,” “I’m not getting involved,” “I’m staying out of it,” “It is what it is,” “That’s too bad,” “I am only concerned with my life.” You know the words and the non-action of “apathy,” they have been visited by everyone…over and over again…time after time!

Baby Bella is dead because no one stood vigilant.  No one took action to save her.  No one cared…and no one cared enough.

The road to absolution is travelled in standing up…speaking out…and taking action…for every human being. Color doesn’t matter…Age doesn’t matter…Creed doesn’t matter…Race doesn’t matter…Religion doesn’t matter…Gender identity or preference doesn’t matter…all prejudices, bias, and derogatory thoughts have no place here! We must understand that our being here on this planet was conceived by an act of Love by One greater than we would like to imagine we are!

The judgments we have made will be done unto us…the apathy we dispense, will be dispensed unto us…Bear witness…understand…bear witness.  A human being in distress…that’s all one needs to behold.

Be ever vigilant and watchful…Baby Bella’s needless and untimely death will not have been in vain, if you are vigilant and committed to the gift of life going on around you.  Own up to it.  Accept accountability. Vow never to let it happen again…to anyone!

Songs…flowers…blame…excuses for non-action…this is not the way to Absolution…Stand up. Speak out. Take action.  Baby Bella can be anyone of us…at any given moment!

Bear Witness…Honor Baby Bella’s short visit too this world and remember…Stand up. Speak out. Take action.  The course and the eventual fate of all humanity is in our hands….

“Do the right thing.  It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain

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