It’s No Hoax…Here Are More Jokes… Part One…

It’s no hoax…while Trump is the joke of all jokes, his Pachyderm Party are right there with him.  Lies (Lessons In Evil Substantiated) are what binds them. What’s  most fascinating is how they pretend to uphold laws…while breaking them… while constructing and executing their deceptions to the American public and the world, as if they were being maligned…when in truth, they are making sure that the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, as they destroy Democracy, to their benefit…

This Impeachment trial will end with the Joke’s acquittal.  The same Pachyderm Senators who are fiercely defending their Dictator against impeachment and conviction for his high crimes and misdemeanors, were quite verbal about “upholding” the laws and the articles of Impeachment, when they wanted to impeach President Clinton, a Democratic President, for perjury and obstruction.  The obstruction charge: witness tampering.  The charge said he (Clinton) committed witness tampering by trying to “corruptly influence” the potential testimony of his secretary Betty Currie, and urged former White House intern Monica Lewinsky to submit a false affidavit in a lawsuit against him.

A sexual fiasco weighs far above Trump tampering with a witness in an “official proceeding” such as the Mueller investigation; which is against federal law…or withholding aid to a country unless it investigates and presents damning evidence against an opposing candidate to Trump in the 2020 election…or foreign interference in the 2016 election…high crimes and misdemeanors, which the present administration is trying to dismiss completely.

It is important to see what 14 current Pachyderm senators had to say then, while voting to either impeach or convict Clinton on the obstruction charge…

Mitch McConnell – Kentucky

“Following his deposition, the president had to decide what to do with his loyal secretary, Ms. Betty Currie.  And again, the undisputed evidence shows that the president took the path of lies and deceit.

…I am completely and utterly perplexed by those who argue that perjury and obstruction of justice are not high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Pachyderm McConnell gave his statement from the Senate floor, February 12, 1999. What is utterly perplexing is McConnell voting to impeach a president who took the path of lies and deceit… according to him.

Wait a minute!! Isn’t that the path Trump walks day in and day out, the path of lies and deceit? Didn’t Trump break federal laws to tamper with a witness in an “official proceeding”, the Mueller investigation? What about withholding aid to a country in exchange for finding information to smear a political candidate? Yet, McConnell chooses to protect a president that only dispenses lies and deceit…in full view of the country and the world, without conscience.

Lindsey Graham – South Carolina

“The question I have that needs to desperately be answered by somebody is-when he approached Ms. Currie to coach her in the fashion he did, is that a crime? Because I don’t want people at home to be confused that they can do these things, because if they do what the president did, in my opinion, they will wind up in jail.” CNN Interview, January 27, 1999.

Nobody because of their position in society has the right to cheat and get someone to lie for them, even as president.  That means we’re not a nation of men or kings.  We’re a nation of laws, and that’s what this case has always been about to me…He turned the judicial system upside down, every way but loose.  He sent his friends to lie for him.  He lied for himself.” –Speaking on the Senate floor while a House impeachment manager, February 8, 1999.

However, it now appears that if that president is Republican, Lindsey Graham will not hold him accountable for doing the things he describes while stating that “We’re a nation of laws, and that’s what this case has always been about to me.”  He continues to insist that it’s a “partisan” ploy by the Democrats to impeach a Republican president. 

No, it’s about holding Trump accountable for his path of lies and deceit, his obstruction of justice…his high crimes and misdemeanors against our nation, of which the Pachyderm Party has chosen to close ranks and hold to Party loyalty and accept Trump’s despicable acts as “untouchable” while ignoring the very laws they used then, against  President Clinton, for taking, according to the Pachyderms, a path of “lies and deceit.” 

The Democrats are standing up against a president and a party for harboring and protecting his lies and deceit against the American People and the laws that made the United States of America, because the Pachyderm Party chose a Dictator of deceit and lies, over our country….

It’s no hoax…there will be more revelations of the Part Two…


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