It’s No Hoax, Trump Is The Joke of All Jokes…

It’s  no hoax, Trump is the joke of all jokes…and his elephants plan to exonerate him in the Senate of the Impeachment charges…How sad for this nation! Once this deed is done, the world will see firsthand, that democracy is dead in America…

The Impeachment of this president is not about partisanship by one political party over another…those bringing about and supporting the impeachment are those who seek to protect the meaning of America’s Constitution and the rule of Law… And reveal the truth to the American people about a president who is indeed a dictator, supported by his elephants.

We have all witnessed the anarchy of the elephants,  in support of their chosen “messiah” DDT (dictator Donald Trump), who commits anarchy on a daily basis, balancing smoke and mirrors on Twitter to ensure his supporters are saturated to a frenzy about his “mistreatment”  and “crucifying” by those entities and non-elephant groups who see the division, destruction and chaos he continues to create and spread with his L.I.E.S. (Lessons In Evil Substantiated) and iron-hand manipulations of his elephants; who have all turned their backs on the American public by ignoring their oaths of  public office because they fear being the next casualty of their dictator…

Those who took a stand against him by revealing the truth of  his actions, were quickly dismissed, fired and character assassinated publicly to discredit their discoveries….

It’s no hoax, Trump is the joke of all jokes, set on  laying waste to America with the blind and undying loyalty of his greatest pet elephant, Mitch McConnell…who boldly declared he has no intention of taking an oath of impartiality as this is not a judicial trial, and he intends to run the trial in total coordination with White House Lawyers. “Minion McConnell” lost his soul a long time ago.  Hell is burning white-hot awaiting his arrival…

It’s so double standard that President Clinton was impeached for allegedly lying about having an affair to the American public, yet a president who openly and unabashedly commits acts of lawlessness in defiance of the Constitution and other governing laws, is protected, coddled, applauded, defended and supported by his fellow elephants who have become masters at the smoke and mirrors game to allow further division and destruction by their group revered dictator…if anyone is partisan, it is the elephants!

Principalities and powers…rulers of the darkness unleashed upon America, The Elephants…

It’s no hoax…Trump is the joke of all jokes…and this joke is on us, the American public.  This joker has laid waste to our democracy in our presence…he and his elephants will continue to trample the Constitution in their partisan behavior and allegiance to him, in dismissing the rightful and justified impeachment against him.

We are witnessing the death of a once righteous nation at the hands of educated fools, empowered to protect and serve it, and its people…where they have chosen to serve themselves by misdirecting and burying truth and justice…

We are no longer one nation under God…we are a fractured country…under the rule of DDT and his elephants.

The impeachment trial will be presided over with smoke and mirrors, carefully constructed to deceive the American people, convincing them that Trump did nothing wrong, while further sowing seeds of division, discontent and destruction, in the Land of the Once Free…

Once free, because the elephants and their followers have allowed themselves to be imprisoned by a “joke” masquerading as a president…who is in actuality, a dictator.

The heart of our nation has been cut out and devoured by the elephants…it’s no hoax!

Democracy is DEAD! Just ask the “joke” who puppets the elephants…..

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June 2023
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