Everyday In America…Today Another Step Towards Salvation…

Everyday in America, we are faced with some new challenge that we have awakened due to our own self-examination…and we will continue to encounter these challenges as long as we live our lives and function in a great divide…

This journey of salvation is necessary to change the hearts of many and strengthen the hearts of those familiar with the path our entire nation must now take part in…or perish.

Today, we reached a pinnacle in the quest of salvaging our humanity, with a verdict that announced to the world that we can reach into our hearts…and uphold truth…honor our principles and values in acknowledging that everyone, regardless of color, are entitled to life…liberty…and the pursuit of happiness. God honored life in creating it…we can honor life by preserving it…it is our duty to be shepherds of life…not to discriminate and decide who has the right to live and breathe…and who doesn’t.

I experienced a sense of peace in my tears while hearing the verdict in this trial of Derek Chauvin and his taking of George Floyd’s life…for his (George’s) family…and all the other families touched and torn apart by racism so blatantly practiced by some in law enforcement uniforms… who constantly breach their oaths with impunity to “protect and serve”…as a way to exterminate and eliminate those who do not look like them… As was the case with my brother…and so many countless others through the years…and still continuing… because of the color of their skin…and their justice was not an option to ever be considered…until now.

We still have a long, long road to travel in ultimately understanding what it means to be a part of humanity and stand up for human lives…not colors…and understand that diversity is God’s gift of love to us…He sees the beauty and purpose in every human being… Can’t we?

Today’s verdict gave us a flame in the torch that we must carry forward…on our journey to salvation as a nation…and as people who belong to the human race…striving to preserve our humanity….

We….are the reflection of our salvation….

We are the flames that ignite…and light…the torch we carry forward today…

Let us use it…to light our way into every tomorrow…..

a day

March 2023
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