Be Mindful of The Path You Forge…

Be mindful of the path you forge…it will become your legacy…

The way we live our lives becomes our footprint in history…

History isn’t just what is read in history books…history is what every human being creates in every life they touch by thoughts…words…deeds…and beyond. The paths that are forged become crossroads to all life and all lives lived in your time present on the planet!

We are not islands unto ourselves…as much as some would like to believe…that is why it is so important to be mindful on your journey through life.

Someone watches you and imitates your every thought…your every word…your every deed…you are a book…a collective history in motion…especially children and young people who are trying to make sense of the world around them…and those who have yet to make sense or find direction in their lives.

Take a moment to reflect on what you have left behind on your path…

Is it a history that reflects the best of you?

Is it a history that you would want to be woven into the book of earth history of humankind?

Will it advance humankind’s presence for another millennium?

Or will it take humankind back to savage beginnings?

Here we are into the month of October…

And the history being made continues to journey far from where humanity needs to be on the road to progress…

Start with you…

You are what we see in the world…

Be mindful of the path you forge…

The legacy of humankind…and this home planet…is being created and written…

By you….


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