When We Are Challenged…

When we are challenged with facing our humanity…let us remember this…

Somewhere in the world a mother is grieving the loss of a son…daughter…sister…brother…aunt…uncle…grandmother…grandfather…grandson…granddaughter…niece…nephew…cousin…friend…neighbor…father…mother…perhaps someone is grieving the loss of that mother…it could be someone like you…

Just because your world is fine today…doesn’t mean it will be tomorrow…

Can you imagine laying down to sleep for the night…and waking up to the chaos of warning sirens and bombs bursting in the air around you…or your house crumbling down around you?

Maybe not here in America…

Wrong conclusion.

No matter how safe we perceive our homeland to be…it isn’t.

We have been witnessed to this truth time and time again…within and without our nation.

When evil is embraced in any shape or form we become participants and guests at that table of destruction.

Preservation of and protection of Freedom and Peace is a forever duty…

Humanity is not an exercise of “hide and seek.”

Hiding from being human…seeking humanity when it serves a purpose…is not a game.

It leaves the world vulnerable….to any transgression.

Today is International Women’s Day…

There are countless, amazing women everywhere…in every corner of the world.  Who have made life-changing contributions on every level and beyond measures…that have saved our planet and moved nations forward…throughout time.

Women have always played critical roles in making the world a better and safer place to live in…Almost always through sacrifice.

Let’s note a few Ukrainian and Russian women’s wartime contributions as brethren contributors…

Putin’s actions have shown that he is neither compassionate or in respect of the contributions women have made in regards to their love of country and desires for peace by declaring war on his own…and driving millions from their homes and killing indiscriminately…

Lyumila Mikhailovna Pavlichenko was born in Ukraine on July 12, 1916, and served in the Red Army during WWII. She was the most successful female sniper in recorded history…

Mariya Semyonovna Polivanova and Natalya Kovshova were Russian snipers and sacrificed their lives when they were surrounded by German soldiers during WWII by setting off their two remaining grenades, killing themselves and the surrounding German soldiers…

Mariya Shcherbachenko was a medic in the Red Army during WWII.  Being one of the first 13 soldiers to cross the Dnieper River, she was awarded the title, Hero of the Soviet Union…She was born in Ukraine…

These women…and the courageousness of their deeds are in complete dishonor by what is happening in Ukraine…initiated by a Russian dictator…who does not honor his country or Ukraine…by his madness and disregard of life…for his own personal gain and self-absorbed delusions. 

What will Russian citizens gain by doing a madman’s bidding? 

Absolutely nothing…just loss of family…relatives…and fear…and complete loss of freedom…which they have already given away…There is no dignity in allowing yourself to be a pawn in someone else’s game…because when you allow others to use you…you have no use for yourself…propaganda becomes your fuel and life’s blood.

There is always a path out of darkness…

There is hope…and a light at the end of this tunnel…

In both countries, brave women and men will be the “deliverers.” 

People will lead people out of oppression and into the light of freedom, the world over…by understanding that unifying is the only road that will prevail the win in any conflict…especially where the will of one…challenges the will of many…once the will of the many wake up to this realization.

We must always remember that freedom…in a world led by “egocentricity” will always involve conflict…and once won…will never be free of defense…until those who are “self-absorbed” in dictatorial madness are neutralized and disarmed of their delusions and rendered harmless.

Being “civilized” does not guarantee that dictators will not rise in “civilized” nations…As we have witnessed…and continue to witness in the aftermath thereof…and continue to watch elected politicians on platforms of fleeting promises… mesmerized and fueled by the dysfunction….

We are challenged by facing our own humanity…and we are challenged by witnessing humanity in action…

It all comes down to this…

What does peace and freedom mean to you?

What does life mean to you?

Does it matter?

Would you lay down your life for another human being?

If any of your answers exclude any member of humankind…

Humanity will always be your self-imposed nemesis…

Will this challenge ever be resolved?

You…are the key….

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