What is The Worst That Could Happen…In Your World?

Take a thought…and think on this…What is the worst that could happen in your world?

When we are viewing the events of the world around us…how do we reflect? Are we really taking in what we witness with humility…or deeper self-absorption as to what we have or do not have? Do we take the time to find happiness and joy in the new beginnings of another day…another opportunity to live…express…create? Or do we dread getting out of bed…obsessing…imagining the worst…building more obstacles to overcome? Are you a chaos maker…or a chaos breaker?

Think about something else…if humankind were eliminated from the face of the earth…would peace prevail?

If the trouble with people are people…Can people change to live and let live without the insecure need to dominate and control? When will universal freedom become important enough to enlist safeguards to ensure that people around the globe can wake up every morning without the fear of being attacked on a personal or civil level?

Ever wonder why God is no respecter of persons?

Look around…and take a good long look and assessment.

Humanity squanders Free-will…

Mankind has proven again and again that they are no respecter of persons…Presently, Ukraine is the sad truth of that…

Racism…Hatred…Standing with Evil…Promoting Lies as Truth…Materialistic and Monetary Greed…Inhumanity disguised as self-preservation…Impunity flaunted at every level by those sworn to protect and serve citizens…everywhere…on every continent…

What is the worst that could happen in your world?

Sleep on it….

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