The Mark of Cain…

The Mark of Cain…

The Mark of Cain is not color…but “soulessness.”

Soulessness is one who is without a soul…

A soul is the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being…or animal, regarded as immortal…

That which is immortal lives forever…never dying or decaying.

That which is immortal…does not take life…or end life…without Divine decree… Even then, Divine Decree is the only Source which reserves that judgment.

Soulless entities disregard all judgments and universal laws…they do not function beyond their own existence…relevancy of anything or any being beyond their scope of existence is of no consequence to them…However, their existence and deeds are judged…and they are held accountable according to Divine Decree and Judgment…Be it on Earth…or in Heaven.

Cain was soulless…His first thought was not to understand why God favored Abel’s offerings over his own…but to eliminate his brother whom he viewed as an “adversary.”  Where was the brotherly love? Where was the reasoning? Better still, where was the acceptance of God’s Choice?

Cain used his choice of “free-will” to murder his brother.  He embraced envy…jealousy…and hatred…and used these elements as encouragement to take his brother’s life, without reflection.

In our recount of history and our own experiences in everyday living, we have seen more than an overabundance of the actions and results of the soulless living among us…and the havoc they wreak in the destruction and taking of lives to enrich their own existences without conscience.  What is worst still are those who condone…keep silent…or turn away from the indiscriminate acts of these soulless creatures calling themselves “human beings.”

The mark that was placed upon Cain was not a color of skin…but a hollowness in his chest…where a soul should have been…the emptiness dwells in the eyes of the individual so afflicted…it directs their behavior…their thoughts…their words…their actions…their deeds…their entire being reflects the dead pool of their emptiness…a vacuous void of nothingness.

Why did God let Cain live?

As a reminder of what we can become should we choose to forfeit…sell or offer up our souls to Evil….

The cultivation of Love is the mission of Humanity…

Becoming Love…is the Journey of Enlightenment…

Soul Salvation is a choice…

Unless the choice… is the Mark of Cain….

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