The Truth…The Whole Truth…And Nothing But The Truth…So Help You Trump…

Sometimes we stay too long in the fantasy…and it turns on us…

It becomes cruel…twisted…self-serving…and ultimately…our self-undoing…

Know when to wake up, get out and face reality.

It’s time we stop believing that there may be some saving grace in those who believe in the latest blanket of delusion of voter fraud being spread and fanned by the “Truth of Trump” and his supporters, especially his group of renegade Republican Loyalists.

The honest truth is revealing itself in the recounts confirming President-Elect Biden’s victory in the November 3rd Election, as well as additional votes counted in President-Elect Biden’s favor!

The Truth…The Whole Truth…And Nothing But The Truth…So Help You Trump…

…Is an overused smoke screen continually orchestrated to hide the real chaos and subversiveness coming from and practiced by a failed dictator and his camp.

It is time for America to move forward and work on rebuilding and restoration…of our democracy. We have been given a clear, precise and significant view and demonstration into what can never, ever happen again. Silent voices allow for dire consequences…

Your vote is your voice…Never let anything or anyone persuade you to forfeit it, ever again!

When clear choices are not apparent…wolves in sheep’s clothing will reveal their hand…In 2016, a wolf prevailed because red flags were ignored and apathy took over. Never again!

“Loyalists” should be held accountable…every crime committed under the truth of Trump must be addressed in order to restore our democracy and the rule of law…No One is above the Law…It is a duty that must be so executed that those who committed High Crimes and Misdemeanors receive their just desserts. If it is not done…the laws that rule the land will become viewed as less than effective…and the light of democracy will dim and fade.

While we must find a way to heal and unite a country divided…we must stand up and protect morals, principles and values…Pardons are not an option! Our country has suffered too much to even entertain the thought of “Trump’s Truth” to go unchallenged and “arrested” accordingly.

Standing up to “The Truth… The Whole Truth…and Nothing But The Truth…So Help You Trump” will mean finding a “vaccine” to eradicate it….

We won’t need to look far because “We The People” who believe in the ideals of this country and what this country is meant to be…and can be…must never stand down…and we must always make our voices heard with our votes…and our 1st amendment rights…Always! We…are the vaccine…We…are the cure.

We can never rest on our laurels…ever! Each victory…and each non-victory, builds our bridge to Freedom…Justice and Liberty for all…This bridge is never-ending until those truths are realized and applicable to every citizen…and every potential citizen of America…

Until that day arrives… we re-enforce the girders of that bridge we are building to deliver this long awaited infrastructure.

This ideal can and will be realized…as long as we stand strong and use our collective voices and uphold our democracy…which so many of every Race and Creed have given their lives to defend…on battlefields abroad…and Civil Rights battles in this country…while never forgetting, “Freedom…Justice…and Liberty for All.”

This…is The Truth…The Whole Truth…And Nothing But The Truth…So Help Me…God…..

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    Jul 04, 2021 @ 15:43:36

    A round of applause for your blog post.Really thank you! Fantastic.



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