Shining The Light On Truth…

The only positive in the four years of Trump is the light it shined on the truth of a nation…a nation divided by those who still believe in cultivating the negative, destructive elements which still exist in practice in this country…

Change is…inevitable…

Any civilization that does not push to embrace the Future and the well-being of its citizens…is doomed to die…in the Past.

One questions with dire concerns if this is where America is headed.

Witnessing politicians still siding with unfounded allegations at the expense of the American population is reprehensible.

The “Grand Old Party” has outlived its usefulness and damaged what it once stood for as the party of Abraham Lincoln…

There is something alarming about this group accepting the election results of Republican Congressmen and Senators, which by the way, were on the same ballots used to elect the President…

How is it that the integrity of the vote is challenged when the same ballots elected Republican Congressmen and Senators?

It would be safe to assume that their wins are also compromised, and need to be subjected to the courts and recount process…because half a ballot cannot be called into integrity question without the entire ballot being subjected to “voter fraud.”

Every Republican calling the election a fraud and voicing the validity of our democratic process…should be replaced immediately…this poison and vitriol have no place in a government that is purported to be “For the People, By the People.”

In every contest there is a winner and a loser.  Trump lost by democratic process.  The people have made their declarations loud and clear. To create a scenario of a dog chasing his tail…or a hamster running on a continuous wheel in prolonging the loss is preposterously foolish, selfish, and delusional, without sound basis; and continues to render damaging consequences to the citizens of our Nation which they took an oath to serve and protect, by upholding the Constitution and the laws of the land… To date, they have failed miserably, and continue to do so with their egregiously psychotic demonstrations and outcries of wrongdoing….

The only wrongdoing and lack of democratic process is coming directly from the Republican Party in their refusal and ignorance of the American democratic process; and their deliberate urging of using the courts and the Supreme Court in “swinging” a legitimate election of the President-Elect by democratic process, to support someone who publicly admitted his inability to lose on the eve of the Election… This is spineless and reflective of serious human frailty and flaw in the highest offices of our government.

For every American who supports this erratic and horrific behavior…it is sad and devastating to witness acceptance of membership into a cult which is designed to desecrate your being… and in continuing to accept this debacle…there may be no chance or avenue of recovery for your person… 

Free-will is non-redeemable when one willingly sells their soul…and the souls of others caught up in your delusion.  You cannot cry “not knowing what you do or did”…at a later date.  God will not be mocked.

The handwriting is on the wall… despite this dark history of human behavior in America…it will pass.

America…we will pick up the pieces…we will prevail. 

Those who continue the spread of darkness…devastation…division…hatred…malice…deception…lies…ignorance…and the continued recruitment of others to increase your numbers…Can you hear the thundering of hooves? The Horsemen are coming to collect…and they will not be denied in their mission…as you are denying and working to arrest American democracy to continue forward in her mission…the Horsemen will prevail in their mission to arrest you….

There is no escaping God’s Truth…or His Judgement…

The GOP has no jurisdiction here…

God will not be mocked…by anything or anyone.

Prepare to make your “case.”

This is one scenario you cannot prolong… or prevail.

Checkmate…They’re here…..

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November 2020
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