The ‘New Normal’ Is No Normal…

We must live with the realization that the lives we once knew…will never return again.

Covid-19…Climate Change…The Rise of Racism…The Truth of Racism…has opened the door to much needed change…The ‘New Normal’ Is No Normal…Nothing will ever be the same again.

There are now only two choices to living…to be vigilant…or not to be at all. The avenues of exiting have been provided and are presently being exercised by chance…

The pettiness…lies…corruption and people manipulating politics will come to a devastating end for those who continue to practice such atrocious game play in the dissolution of Democracy.

There will be more casualties of countries like Haiti, Afghanistan, Syria, Israel and Palestine…There will be more disruptions and political chaos between Republicans and Democrats at the cost of the American people, as well as the further division within the country which will result in casualties beyond comprehension.

The ‘New Normal’ Is No Normal…

The creation of confusion revolving around Covid-19 vaccines has created a “No Normal” resolve on what should and should not be assumed…but one should assume that those who have not been vaccinated, create the biggest risk to themselves and to others in furthering the spread of the new Delta variant…yet those who have been vaccinated may or may not be affected…


This is the answer to the ‘New Normal.’

What is normal for you? Do you know? Your “normal” is “no normal.” We have learned…or will soon learn that we will live each day as it comes and there is “No Normal.”

Whatever presents itself in any given day will be met with whatever is necessary to meet it head on with victory as the outcome…You choose…you decide…

Do not let anyone exercise your rights in any capacity…Let your heart and your conscience be your guide. And be responsible for “your normal” whatever that may be…Just make sure that it applies to you without infringing upon the “rights and normal” of others.

Your revolution of “normal” has begun…

Choose wisely…

Your normal depends upon it….

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March 2023
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