Are We So Unlike Our Enemies?

Are We So Unlike Our Enemies?

Are we so unlike our enemies…or those we choose to judge?

Texas passed a restrictive abortion ban after the Supreme Court declined to step in and stop the law from taking women back ages in their rights to choose what happens within their own bodies…

The GOP is really “The Taliban” operating freely within America…picking and choosing what they feel is best for American citizens without considering Civil Rights…Civil Liberties…Human Rights…Freedom…and Democracy.

It goes without saying that Republicans have no respect or sovereignty to the Constitution of the United States. 

We have all stood by and bore witness to their treason and insurrectionist actions with impunity…

Are We So Unlike Our Enemies?

If we choose to blindly accept what the GOP has done in taking our country backwards in their ideologies of governing by restrictions and manipulations around democracy… limiting women’s rights to choose pretending to care about babies not yet born while murdering and lynching children of people of color…as well as taking the lives of people of color…along with their efforts to overturn Roe Vs. Wade in red states and restrict voting rights in order to boost their majority power to take our country back to the dark ages of human savagery, don’t we deserve to fall as Afghanistan…and other countries laid to waste because they believed in Democracy without stronger unification to protect it?

It is beyond hypocritical to defend life not yet born…when every day a person of color falls to discriminate loss of life–someone’s child—just because…and someone’s child falls victim to gun violence because little boys and little girls acting in the capacity of grownups in high places… want to have their “right to bear arms” regardless of the consequential and horrific loss of life that comes with uncontrolled access in the ability to obtain weapons…Yet they care about restricting a woman’s right to her own body…because they want to “protect” the unborn…When they can’t and refuse to protect the lives of all  American citizens by breaking…bending…and completely ignoring laws that are made to protect them.  Welcome to democracy in America!

While the awakening to equality has been a snail’s pace in recognition…we must remember the lives continually being lost in this never ending battle for “blind” equality for all…without the stigma of racism.

Are We So Unlike Our Enemies?!

Take a good, long look around America…Then take a good, long look around the world… Are we so different? Our ways are more refined and “educated”…Like Judas and Jesus…Judas was an “educated” man…

America will fall to a menagerie of greed and prejudices…and democracy will cease to be recognized, let alone respected…if we do not weed out “The Taliban” and domestic terrorism which is alive and well and functioning in our own country…here and now…from one day to the next…within a government which once stood for something…now perceived as a “paper tiger.”

Are we so unlike our enemies?

Time to prove that we are not…the enemy.

Time to show “true colors.”

Time to stand and protect…Freedom.

Without Freedom…

There is no Democracy…

Without Democracy….

There is no America.

We are just another…Enemy.

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June 2023
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