The Choice is Between Normal or Crazy…And…

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is far from normal…she’s crazy. If she is any indication of “a new generation of Republican leadership” our country is surely doomed to chaos and extinction.

As the former press secretary for Trump, and a staunch Trump supporter, she engaged in rhetoric which supported and defended Trump’s lies, narcissistic actions and behavior which left this country in shambles, creating a divide that has weakened a nation…in resolve and world standing. She upheld the GOP mission to destroy democracy and institute a one party rule over America likened to Fascism and Nazism, initiated by Trump and his Republican party cronies. She drank the “orangeade” with a willing and dutiful obedience…

Now, she’s the Governor of Arkansas…Endorsed to give the Republican rebuttal to the State of the Union Address given by President Biden earlier this evening, by her constituents, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and Senate Minority GOP leader, Mitch McConnell. Two of the most repugnant, visual and verbal Republicans to date.

Don’t be surprised when these characters put her forth as a 2024 runner or running mate for their choice as a Presidential Candidate or Vice-President for their party.

Don’t be fooled. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is nothing more than a “new face” carrying the same old package of racism…oppression…and “old Southern values” blocking and overturning progress which will take this country backwards…deepening the division that is the true culprit of weakness, which her party has created and continues to cultivate by blaming the Democratic Party every chance they get, in order to misdirect the American people away from their true agenda. They refuse to evolve beyond the days and ways of the “ol’ South”, which Mitch McConnell and his good ol’ boys GOP embrace…and don’t want to change. Change and progress are enemies to their chosen way of life.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders wants to enforce her indoctrination upon the people of Arkansas by prohibiting critical race theory being taught in school, barring the term “Latinx” in official state documents and taking away women’s reproductive rights to make choices regarding their bodies by making abortion illegal.

Revealing the truth of peoples beliefs, behaviors, characters, actions, thoughts towards people who did not look like them and how they were treated and extinguished should not be swept under a rug and excused because of the horrific results it yielded in revealing the hearts of men and women, who came to America to escape the very atrocities and hatreds they visited upon those who were brought here in chains to become living chattel…and became an integral and significant part of American history in building this nation.

In case you didn’t know this, Huckabee Sanders, “our children being taught to hate one another on account of their race, but not to love one another,” was a staple of upbringing in the South, by people that look like you…and they created “groups” to make sure “those people that didn’t look like you” knew their place…or lost their lives…which is still in practice to this very day.

With this in mind, and still going on around us, what can we teach our children about loving each other and this “great” country, when there are those who choose to practice and enforce “exclusivity”, by any means necessary?

Maybe you should forget about shame and embarrassment by revealing the hearts of those who committed those atrocities and educate our children on how hatred is a great destroyer of life…liberty and equality…and there is only one race…the human race…not skin color. Teach the truth! Stop hiding behind and promoting lies…Stop being “crazy.” Stop creating chaos. Stop the division. Stop blaming. Start standing up to change and progress. Stop the sabotaging. Stop trying to destroy democracy. Stop trying to promote your ideas which wreak of exclusivity. Freedom isn’t yours to hand out like a “golden ticket.”

You are nothing more than a 40-year-old rehashing of old and archaic! Biden has more youth in his 80- year-old little finger than you have in your “new generation of Republican leadership!” Honey, you’re ancient!!!

And your GOP sister, Marjorie Taylor Greene…is another “crazy.” The new generation of Republican leadership is a frightening display of degenerative, mental stability and delusion…Young, “Trump molls.” George Santos…

Hopefully, should a new generation of Republican leadership surface, they will embrace their loyalty to the betterment of the country…its Constitution…and its citizens…not delusions or false idols in the guise of Trump, or any other person self-obsessed and lost in their own narcissistic haze, bent on destroying democracy with delusions of dictatorship and dividing the country and its citizens.

A new Republican leadership will love what America is suppose to stand for and ensure that those who seek to disrupt it with insurrections will answer to the Constitution and be held accountable according to the laws without bending them and disregarding them when it comes to punishment under the laws…

A new Republican leadership will not disrespect an opposite party President by trying to weaken his presence in the eyes of the world by personal opinions…knowing that all that does is to weaken the presence of America in the eyes of her adversaries…giving them an opening and avenue to further divide and conquer our nation through a crack in the governing faction.

A new Republican leadership would have the ability to work within a bipartisan structure to strengthen the nation and its citizens in uniting the country and its resources…instead of the present Republican stance to divide and takeover, promoting party, not country!

In truth, our country is not fully represented by Republicans or Democrats…America’s diversity is under-represented, and the idea and ideals of America have been watered down, distorted, and turned off course from life…liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom and equality are stalled, with values, morals…truth and justice, cast aside…with God being used as a “prop” when necessary.

Politicians promote chaos and crazy…and try to convince the American public that “chaos and crazy” are the “normal.”

This choice between normal or crazy…and the new Republican leadership professed by Sarah Huckabee Sanders…is nothing more than a big “lie.” What you see is what you get…an old package in younger, Republican recruits…Age is just a number…unless the heart changes…promoting change and progress…the more change is touted in speech…the more change remains the same…No change.

As old as Joe Biden is…with everything he has done in the past…He is trying to make a change…while trying to believe that bipartisan politics…is not lost. Maybe he needs to wake up to understand that in order to have bipartisan politics…all the players must be on the same page…and willing to unite a country that has taken a severe beating in the art of “division.”

It is now up to the American people to strengthen democracy and repair the division…by realizing the choices that are made in who is chosen to represent what being an American truly means to you…

Normal…or crazy?

Really ask yourself…

Really examine yourself…

What kind of America do you want to represent you?

If you have children or one day want to have children…What kind of America do you want them to inherit?

Hatred? Peace? Love? Unity? Chaos? Crazy? Normal? Whose normal?

You…are the creator of America…and her future…

Don’t settle…

Don’t be fooled…

Stand…You…are the difference…

You…make the difference…

That’s the normal….

That’s the “Real.”

a day

March 2023
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