While times are changing and eras are ending…Where are we going? Where are we headed?

Let’s take a look and ponder…

Here in America…younger generations are scattered and accepting violence as their calling cards without conscience or regret…because their examples are corrupt, greedy relics leading humanity down a sure path to destruction without apology or care… and they are allowed to do so…with abandon.

Politicians are embracing the stance that “crime” does pay…The GOP is a prime example…

How can we justify democracy at work…when it isn’t being upheld? Maybe America just can’t get away from its criminal beginnings…

What did those ships carry over from Great Britain?

The now King Charles III is an adulterer…his brother Andrew, a sex offender of under-aged girls…and their Nephew, the Duke of Sussex, is and has been subjected to being ostracized because he chose to marry a woman of color, whom he loves… The British press brought it on by making a headline “Straight Outta Compton” when they began dating! The Royal family didn’t raise a finger to them…Harry did!Racism quite clearly…it exists in England as it does everywhere…families are no exception.

It is time to “retire” the Monarchy…it has become a “stale fairy-tale.”

The Past is not there to repeat…it is only a record of our journey…to revisit it…by recreating it…stalls and burdens the Future…

When matriarchal and patriarchal lines diminish…it is difficult and a stark realization that life isn’t forever!

It is a reminder to “live and become” your best self…while leaving building blocks for a better future…for future generations, along your journey.

Life was never meant to be about self and selfish pursuits…

We must not continue to fuel that single-minded objective…We are already witnessing the fallout…from humanity to the planet we now inhabit…

What examples are you leaving along your path?

Every life is a building block…

Build a future of continuity…as of this moment there are more than enough “dead-ends.”

Be an example…

Pave the way…

Be the Light…..

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