What We Carry With Us…

There is something about the spirit that keeps us alive…

It is our life’s blood throughout life…and beyond.

My mom now lives in spirit…She transcended this world for the next stage of spiritual evolution six years ago…Now, every time August 5th makes its way around each year…I remember her spirit…her laughter…her love…her special magic!

Sometimes I wonder about how she would view the way that life is going on now…

How people have lost their spirits…how they just go along to get along…

How they have forgotten the true grit and determination of the ancestors…

How they follow like sheep…and drink the kool-aid with delight as it poisons their senses…

How they have surrendered their freedom to those who seek only to exploit and deceive to further their own selfish agendas…

Then I remember that she doesn’t concern herself with such mundane events…why should she?

She lived through the chaos…and now…she is free to roam the heavens and claim her glory!

I miss her…I don’t believe I will ever not miss her…

I am thankful for what she has given me in love…experiences…and the adventure of how to navigate the ocean of life…

It is what we carry with us…that keeps us on our path…that is our compass…until we are free to roam the heavens…and claim our glory!

Until then…let us always remember and celebrate our ancestors…and the special people who nurtured us…and taught us right from wrong…and gave us the directional to be our better selves and put the best of ourselves into the world… to uplift and better humanity…

This August 5th…that is what I have been remembering…in honoring the day my mother came into her earthly existence…while remembering that no matter how dark this life appears at present…we can always put forth the effort of clearing the way for the light to find us…

We carry the torch of freedom….

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