Who’s Looking Back At You?

Who’s Looking Back At You?

Michael Jackson wrote a song that wasn’t just a song…it was a “call to consciousness”…

Isn’t it funny how we only want happy endings in our lives…and maybe some immediate others whom we consider “family”?…Or maybe just happy endings for that person reflected in the mirror?

Do we ever stop to really soak in the realization that we are a part of the chaos consuming the world…and if we would only see the bigger picture and change…we could be the puzzle piece that makes the world a better place?

Ask yourself a question…this question…

Why does one ever seek outside of themselves to know the truth of it all…when the truth lives within you?

The world is or isn’t because of the “truths” we accept without self-examination…

Would spiritual beings living a human experience…seek to destroy life?

Would spiritual beings living a human experience garner delight in performances of pure evil?

Would spiritual beings living a human experience continually create chaos…division…promote and practice hatred in every form imaginable…and beyond imagining to infect and spread such evil doctrines to stop love from flowering the planet…and the willing hearts of humanity who strive to keep love flowing?

When we allow ourselves to become lost in the chaos and madness…we become a part of the problem…not the solution…

Who’s looking back at you?

Who is that person you see in the mirror?

Selfish lover…or universal lover?

Spiritual Being…or savage interloper bent on destruction and a threat to love and peace everywhere?

Who’s looking back at you…can they change their ways?

Introduce yourself…

Then ask…that question…

Change is possible at any age or place in your life…

You are the answer…

You…know the truth.

Make that change…..

a day

May 2022
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