Another New Year…Within A New Year!

We begin a new month, February…and another New Year!

Two chances within 2022 to have a new year!!!

Today begins the Lunar New Year…The Year of the Water Tiger…bringing in a confident and authoritative energy…

Yes, it is time to take charge and make incredible things happen! If you fizzled out during the month of January, February 1st has given you a boost with a “do over” from the arrival of the Lunar New Year and the incredible power of Tiger energy and dynamics…

Dive into Black History with February dawning Black History Month! Anytime is a time to experience universal history of all peoples and cultures…however, when it comes to you special in the form of a month long event…Dive in!

New Year…renewed opportunities…there is no excuse not to bathe yourself in these phenomenon and rise to the occasion of becoming better…an innovator…and swimming in the oceans of change that are rolling your way.

2022 is going to be a year of amazing change…discoveries…and reinvention.

Break out of the mold of the “same and the mundane.”

Absorb the energy of the Water Tiger and rise from the ashes revitalized…renewed…overflowing with fiery passion to contribute your “better” to a country…world…and planet in need of your magic to transform from shadows of darkness…into the brilliance of light…

Cultivate your light within…without…

2022 is beckoning to you with a new month…another New Year…opportunities to learn…grow…aspire…inspire…contribute…stand up…stand tall…


Deliver that positive Water Tiger energy!

Happy February!

Happy Black History Month!

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Year of the Water Tiger!!!


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