The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Wants of the Few…

Bravo to Martina Navratilova! She told Australian television that Novak Djokovic needed to “suck it up” and return home. She went on to say, “The bottom line is, sometimes your personal beliefs have to be trumped by what’s good for the greater good, for those around you, for your peers.” You have two choices, get vaccinated or just don’t go play.”

Absolutely! He would be supporting his personal beliefs by just going home. Yet, he insists on infringing upon the rights of the Australian government to protect their country against a ravaging surge of Covid-19, by allowing him in, against their protocols. Djokovic has been infected with Covid-19, and is a potential carrier, who is against getting vaccinated….Truly his right…but not his right to force accepting him into the country because of his number one status in the Tennis world. His ego cannot protect others he may likely infect if he is allowed to stay and play… Being responsible is what gains respect and admiration…not playing games where you will come into contact with others, and possible cause unnecessary illness…and possibly death. No win…or award…or title, is above human life…Djokovic should know this…respect the Australian government, their citizens…and himself, and make a choice.

He has apparently, and expect others to go against their beliefs…for him.

Clay feet and small minds do not make heroes…

Go home, Djokovic…

The needs of the many outweigh the “wants” of the few…

Stirring up the few, in support of your belief is lead by emotions…not by logic.

“That is wise. In any case, were I to invoke logic, logic clearly dictates the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” -Spock, in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

Continuing to cave in and abandon what is right by catering to the needs of the few… with selfish intent…will continue to ensure that the future of the next generations will come to a close at this century’s end…maybe sooner.

Stand your ground, Australia…

Maybe it will rub off on your cousin…America….

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