Resting On Laurels Is Not An Option…

As we step into our second day of 2022 know this: If we rest on our laurels, we’ll never continue forward in creating the world we want to reflect the good we give or the best of ourselves… Without our continued best and forward momentum our world will continue to be a “mixed bag of tricks.”

Continue to build on your best…if you must rest…pass the baton to those who you can count on to better your best…you’ve supplied the stability that they can continue to expand upon and carry to the next level of triumph…and if they need to rest, they can pass the brick and mortar to the next builder…

Life is an endless journey of experience and growth…lessons and accomplishments to give lift to the wings of humanity. Don’t neglect your gifts…use them to create a better world…after all…you are an essential part of this stairway that leads to a future for those we will eventually leave behind as caretakers…

Every day of 2022 will lead to a significant achievement…if we are vigilant…and our hearts are truly in the right place…

The only promise or resolution that you cannot break…is to be true to yourself and your dreams…without infringing upon the lives and dreams of others…making sure that your best…builds a bridge that all can cross with humility…compassion…and hope for a bright future.

Happy day two…into 2022…..

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