Joe Biden…Pick Up Your Pen and Perform A Christmas Miracle…

It would be a miracle if the American people can actually believe in anyone who promises to make life livable…if we would elect them President of the United States…

We have been electing politicians who have been recycling promises and re-gifting the proverbial “fruitcake” for so long…that we’ve grown to accept the repetitive song and dance…

Joe Biden is no different…He is after all a “career” politician. It was everyone’s wish that he would be different…different in the way that he would really be for the people and truly fight for the things that would give every American a hand up receiving a genuine opportunity at having and achieving a life of quality in a country that so proudly boasts about being the best in the world….

Strength is not measured in words…but in actions.

There is one thing that can be done which will give millions of Americans a hand up and boost our economy at the same time…Homes can be purchased…savings can be had…futures can be certain… If only the President had the courage and the foresight to do the right thing….and deliver a deed which will set him apart from the redundant crowd he clings so loyally to…

We gave Joe Biden his dream…

It’s time he stepped up to the plate and start demonstrating to the American people that he can move mountains…

Joe Biden…Pick Up Your Pen and Perform a Christmas Miracle…

Your first Christmas Miracle…

Wipe OUT Student Loan Debt.

Mr. President…

It is solely within your power to do so….Yours and yours alone. You don’t need the House or the Senate…just pick up your pen and make it happen. You know you can…You can legally cancel as much as $50,000 in federal student loans…You don’t need your your education secretary to prep a memo…that’s just a formality…You already know that you can…but you won’t…because you’re a career politician…and politics come before people…isn’t that right?

Pass the fruitcake….

Merry Christmas, America.

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