A Matter of Choice…

Everyday we are faced with making choices…and accepting the consequences of our choices…good or not so good outcomes…however, our choices just the same.

No one can make us do anything…they can present us with choices…which we ultimately will settle by making our choice, weighing the consequences of our choice, before we make it.

Some people choose to believe, demonstrate and declare that they are being forced into making choices that may or may not be agreeable to them or their lifestyle…. Taking that stance and making such accusations and assumptions free their conscience from taking responsibility for making a choice…any choice…especially if they view it as unfavorable to them.

Life is made up of moments and choices. Free-will is always exercised no matter how dire the outcome or circumstance…or how wonderful or brilliant the yield may be in making choices.

Very rarely do our choices not touch the lives and circumstances of others. Many choose (there it is again, “choice”) to believe that their choices do not affect anyone or anything other than themselves…

Not true.

Just because that is your belief and you do not always look beyond your choices, doesn’t make your choice solely unto you. The universe is based on connectivity to all things great and small…

So when you make your choices in life, consider the responsibility. Choices direct lives…make lives…take lives…destroy lives…break lives…give lives…extend lives…spare lives…respect lives…appreciate lives…humble lives…restore lives…

Strive to make the best possible choices and understand the consequences…and take responsibility.

Responsibility is also a Matter of Choice….

Live…and make responsible choices…

Don’t blame others…for the choices you make…

Your life…your choices.

Every choice creates a thread…

Every thread connects a life…moment…or universe.

Be grateful for the journey…

And create a “better.”

It’s your choice……

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