Remembering The Unity of 9/11….

Every year for 20 years we remember the horrors and tragedy of September 11, 2001…

When terrorists desecrated U.S. soil and unleashed the unimaginable and the unthinkable…the cost of civilian and service men and women lives was staggering…and still continues in the aftermath due to exposures to the fallout and trauma of that day. It changed the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual landscape of our country…forever.

As a nation, we became our best at our worst…We harnessed a unity that extended to every corner of our wounded America…and we witnessed a strength in that connectivity that was impenetrable.

That “impenetrable connectivity” should always be remembered…and practiced at every turn… We need that unity now more than ever!

We must remember…for all of those we lost that day…their sacrifice must always be our fuel to come together for the good of all…They gave their lives…consciously and unconsciously, so America could continue to be…Free.

Remember that the next time someone breaks from that unity…and attempts to initiate actions that may result in the loss of freedom for another…will you “connect” or “disconnect?”

If those passengers on Flight 93 chose to disconnect, do you dare to think what magnitude of damage and loss and change to our history that would have occurred…had those terrorists succeeded in reaching their designated target? They sacrificed their lives for their belief in America…and their love for our country.

We must never forget the beautiful demonstration of unity…

We must never forget the sacrifices…

We must always remember and practice being our best…whatever “worse” arises…

9/11 will forever be our badge of courage to move forward the dreams and freedom of America…

Start today……

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