Songs of September…

Try to remember when life was so tender

That no one wept except the willow

Try to remember the kind of September

When Love was an ember about to billow

Try to remember and if you remember

Then follow, follow…

(“Try to Remember”… Songwriters Tom Jones/Harvey Schmidt)


September morn

We danced until the night

Became a brand new day

Two lovers playing scenes

From some romantic play

September morning

Still can make me feel that way…

(“September Morn” Songwriters Gilbert Becaud/Neil Diamond)


Hey, hey, hey

Ba-dee-ya, say, do you remember?

Ba-dee-ya, dancing in September

Ba-dee-ya, never was a cloudy day

There was a

Ba-dee-ya, say do you remember?

Ba-dee-ya, dancing in September

Ba-dee-ya, golden dreams were shiny days…

(“September” Songwriters Maurice White, Allee Willis, Al McKay)


Today is September 1st…a new month in a year that has been full of drama and heartbreak….

Maybe we can start this month with September songs that fill us with good feelings…happy thoughts…and wonderful memories… We can all use some inspiration to reclaim our joy.

Everyday…fill your lives with song…dance…sing…find the smile in your heart…and share the joy!

We cannot afford to wait to let ourselves experience what makes us feel the lightness of being happy and filled with joy and laughter…We know how short life is…that is why we cannot abstain from the wellness of what makes us happy! Eat that chocolate…Have that special dinner on Tuesday…Put on that song and dance…dance…dance!

Happiness is just around the corner….September is here….

Let yourself find your happy…

Do you remember never a cloudy day?


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