What Really Defines Greatness?

The greatness of an individual’s abilities to excel in their chosen sport or profession doesn’t rest solely on their physical prowess, skill, or achievements…

Making selfless choices and stepping out of the spotlight reveals true character…and a heart of gold….

Those who criticize…and even those who support…can miss the signs and the real picture behind the surprising turn of events of what took place regarding the American Women’s Gymnastics Team in Tokyo…

Let’s take a close look and look at what took place…

Maybe Mental Health was a cause…maybe, just a little… Perhaps the pressure of being the Greatest Of All Time and the heavy expectations of everyone that a team led by such a stellar individual would bring home team gold in every event…because she could…after all she was The G.O.A.T. !!! With those odds it was a no-brainer to everyone that the American Women’s Gymnastics Team would bring home the Gold across the board.

Suni Lee had a chance to shine at the Olympics…Mykayla Skinner was chosen as an unlikely alternate…her medal hopes dashed…having missed her chance to qualify her scores for becoming a member of the final competing team in Tokyo.

The other qualifying gymnasts on the American Women’s Team had the heart and talent to shine and spotlight their strengths and talent…apart from the greatest of all time…and she knew this…

Watching the videos she posted on Twitter of her back flop dismounts on the uneven parallel bars was all the convincing needed to show the world that she was suffering from the “twisties.” Then she took them down.

That’s when the light of truth came through…

This is the woman who has in the past, though in pain, and with unknown injuries…suffered through competing in the 2016 Olympics with a toe shattered in five places! A partially torn calf …two or three times…also a broken rib in 2016… a shoulder injury…to highlight a few.  

She wanted her teammates to experience the thrill of winning in an Olympic competition…and she stepped back…and let their skills and talents shine…

It could have been Mental Health…we need a spotlight and focus on Mental Health…across the board…it could have been “the twisties”…it could have been pressure and the weight of expectation…or it could have been the rarest of the rare hidden asset of being The Greatest Of All Time…being in possession of Universal Gold…A selfless…giving heart.

Think about it…give it some real and honest thought.

Not many would stay to cheer on and encourage their teammates…or watch them compete in events where she/he were the favored to bring home the gold…Many would have departed to nurse their wounds…or sulk in silence…or worse…

The greatest of all time has many skills…even skills that can mask the real compassion and motivation behind events to create opportunity… selfless character and spirit propels a Heart of Gold…

We must learn to step away from tearing down…criticism…hateful and envious comments…and learn to keep stones at our feet…instead of casting them in negativity and judgment…

We must learn to view at 360 degrees…taking in all angles…and all scenarios…with positive conclusions. That is when the clearer picture reveals itself…

The Greatest Of All Time…

Is having Humility…

That’s the key…

 To Greatness….  

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