The Irony of American Democracy…

The Irony of American Democracy…

It is a small wonder that some countries around the world block and fight for their countries not to become “victims” of Democracy as is now happening here in America…the country that pushes it…but does not fully practice it.

How can a country go out into the world and promote a system it does not totally believe in…or exclusively support? 

The only two things America believes in and supports without question is “Dollars” and “Racism.”

It is most unfortunate that Dollars and Racism outweigh the efforts of those who believe in the equality dream and doctrines that would support a free and unified country.  American hypocrisy has laid waste to many developing nations and other countries who believed in and desire a governing system that would allow their citizens to thrive while living in freedom… A dream contrived and distorted by those in our own government fixated on a time in American history when imports of free men and women from African countries were enslaved and forced to build and cultivate a nation of “White Luxury” and self-appointed “White Supremacy.” Atrocities that still haunt and exist in today’s America…

These are the factions that are driving the Republican Party…along with some silent…and a few verbal Democrats, such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, to revive “Ole Dixieland.”

These two Democrats can exercise supporting the greater good of the citizens of this country over their going against their party to support a tool the Republicans depend on to stall and avoid bipartisan politics between the two parties; the Filibuster.  It’s time for a change…American politics need an overhaul and dismissal of all that is archaic and oppressive.

Also, remember that Arizona is one of the states adopting laws that support voter suppression…something Senator Sinema supports by her stance alone.

Spurred on by the persuasive lies and rhetoric continually spewed forth by Trump, the GOP (and some Democrats, in their stanch silence) have managed to undermine and change the principal constituent of Democracy: The Right to Vote.

These destroyers of Democracy have managed to change election rules and limit voting rights in 17, soon to be 18 states, in an effort to diminish Democrat turnout and ensure wins of Republican candidates.  The main objective of this partisan, Republican movement is to disenfranchise voters of color, who vote as Democrats.  The off-handed disguise these derelict politicians are using to defend their actions is they’re “cracking down on voter fraud.” Another massive lie conceived by and pushed by Trump and his followers.

The very few cases of “voter fraud” uncovered were committed by Republican voters trying to vote more than once for Trump in the 2020 Election.

There was an Iowa woman who voted twice for Trump and has pleaded guilty to election misconduct…a felony charge.

She turned in two absentee ballots before the November election last year.  Believing Trump’s unsubstantiated claims about the election being “rigged.”

She was arrested while attempting to vote the second ballot.

Her recommended sentence by attorneys are two years of probation and community service…Care to guess what sentence a person of color would pull down for such a felony offense? American “equality” doesn’t apply to people of color as we have witnessed time and time again…

14 Republican majority states have adopted and enacted laws that give partisan GOP officials more control over election oversight…extremely dangerous in controlling the outcome of elections that oppose Republican candidates because they can use any reason to overturn the election results in favor of their candidates! Democracy in action, according to them.  What we are really seeing and witnessing is Authoritarianism… Dictatorship… Fascism. 

Welcome to the “American Dream.”

In the state of Georgia, a Republican commission now has the power to remove local election officials and they are removing Democrats of color from local boards.  The Governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, is a corrupt Republican… who did indeed stack his election by being the Attorney General at the time…and overseer of the votes…that delivered him the position.

In Arkansas, they have taken control from county authorities.

Republicans have introduced about 216 bills in 41 states to give legislatures more power over election officials… 24 of those 216 introduced bills have been enacted into law across 14 states where Republican politicians are in rule.

President Biden gave a speech today in Philadelphia, he shouted to Republicans, “Have you no shame?”

Shame is for those who have a conscience…Republicans have neither conscience or souls…Their allegiance is not to America…but to themselves and their agenda to destroy it…and create another oppressive, divided, unequal, authoritarian nation…where they are in control of life…liberty…and the pursuit of happiness…and dreams are no longer an ideal or hope for real Americans. 

There is a limit to trying to achieve bipartisan politics with “zombies.” Clearly visible to everyone witnessing Republican “politics” that they are dead…soulless zombies…the way to deal with them is to “cut off the heads of the snakes.”

Beginning with reformation or elimination of the filibuster…eliminating the Electoral College…passing executive laws to override Republican state enforced voter suppression laws…and cutting off support to Republicans who endorse and continue to spread Trump’s lies of division and eventual “Armageddon” to Democracy…if those who can put a stop to this “unholy war” on America do not take heed and stop these unholy Republican insurrectionists and anarchists, in the Senate, the House, and in states embracing Racism and America’s sins of White Supremacy, and their inhumanity to those they considered “inferior” to European immigrants who settled here…to escape “oppression.”

The Irony of America…and Democracy…

Will result in the Death of Her…

And Liberty…

And Justice…

For All…

Including the dissident GOP…


The irony…..

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