To Vaccine…or Not To Vaccine? That Is Not The Question…That Is A Choice…

To Vaccine…or Not To Vaccine? That Is Not The Question…That Is “A Choice.”

Has it really come down to this?!

A Federal judge ruled against more than 100 Houston hospital workers who stand to lose their jobs by termination…if they don’t get vaccinated.

The lawsuit the employees brought against the hospital said that the administrators requesting the vaccination mandate were in violation of the Nuremberg Code of 1947; comparing the vaccine demand to Nazi medical experimentation on concentration camp prisoners during World War II.

The lawsuit also stated that the hospital administrators were forcing its employees to be ‘guinea pigs’ as a condition for continued employment…

The ten points of the Nuremberg Code deal with human experimentation and the ethics involved in experimentation.

There is a fine line here…

The actual conception of the vaccine with human subjects and their consent and the ethics involved would be applicable use the Nuremberg Code in a lawsuit if violations occurred with the actual human experimentation testing protocol with the vaccine test subjects…

Using the Nuremberg Code outside of these measures is a fine line….

The real issue here is “freedom of choice” with the situation presented…

The choices reveal the consequences which we must be prepared to take.

The fact about taking any medication subjects its user or recipient to be a ‘guinea pig.’ However, the medication is taken in most cases without really giving consideration to this very real conclusion.  One does not know how one’s biological organism (their body) will react to any drug…that is why side effects are listed, and questions asked about allergies and reactions…even aspirin! Yet, people take their medications and vaccines, as a medical professional may prescribe…if it is going to render them better by eliminating the symptoms which trigger or cause the “dis-ease” within them.

It is again, a matter of choice on the individual’s part to indeed partake… Standing strong on principles and values are always subject to consequences.

“Choice” is called upon to deliver the consequences of our actions…choices made and accepted by our own making…not the making of someone…or something else.

In choosing not the take the vaccine in this instance of the Houston Methodist Hospital employees…They can choose to quit…and seek out employment elsewhere…or stay…and take the vaccine.  Let it be your decision and your choice…your consequence…not a dictation or demand, your choice.  However it plays out, inalienable rights and freedom are not synonymous…inalienable rights should be justifiable enough…yet they are not…Freedom is supposed to be guarantee in The Land of the Free…yet, it is only another word for nothing left to lose…

Our individual rights depend upon our individual choices…with like minds standing together to ensure those collective freedoms…and protecting them.

Because it is most likely that the employees at this hospital are “at will” employees, they are subjected to the hospital’s policies of “at will” employment.

If the employees did not sign contracts stating the conditions of their employment, inclusive of what the employee’s stipulations are regarding being vaccinated against viruses, bacterial infections or other illness, in order to keep their positions…they have an uphill battle in the works. 

Creating a condition to force people into vulnerable positions to make choices against their better judgment is an infringement upon their inalienable rights…an area that possesses numerous loopholes to challenge….

The challenging situations that the pandemic has produced have given way to behaviors that are archaic in mutual conclusions beneficial to everyone involved…

These “forcible” tactics will change much of the population’s mind about taking the vaccine…and it will lead to another surge…worse in some areas than before…

The vaccine would help if people can choose for themselves…this way will only allow the virus to morph into mutations which will be deadlier…stupidity is predictable on all levels…

It is most unfortunate that society is going backward…Freedom of choice…what happened?

Who let the Covid-19 fanatics loose to exercise methods that dictate the corralling of freedom of choice to take the vaccine…or not to take the vaccine?

Choices to protect oneself and others against becoming infected should be kept into place, such as masking and sanitizing, as a compromise to those who are on the fence about the vaccination…those who are set against the vaccination…and those who are slow in getting the vaccine.

Those who choose not to vaccinate may very well become infected…or not.. if they protect themselves masking and sanitizing until enough people are vaccinated to render the pandemic to a status of a “cold” or “flu” yearly routine occurrence…

Just remember that choices produce consequences…and the consequences will be the test of one’s choices…

To vaccine…or not to vaccine…your choice…your consequences…


Either way…

Conditions on your freedom… is the consequence.

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