Let Freedom Ring…

We have differences of opinion…

We have our ideas of our lives and what works best for us…

Free-will was bestowed upon us through God’s Grace…Not through Man.

Yet, day in and day out, our free-will is being siphoned away from us by government entities and persons functioning under the misplaced belief that they know what is best for us…when in reality, it’s really what’s best for them. Much to our detriment, we elect most of these people through false claims and declarations they make to secure positions of power…and the people suffer.

Everyday in our daily course of living, someone is always infringing upon our rights to be…and our freedom…

Choices that are clearly individual…within our free-will and our choice to choose…are being involuntarily removed from our free-will…and our freedom to be shepherds of our own temples….The hypocrisy of “Right to Life” advocacy is the killing of people of color with such impunity…How can one dictate to another about the choices they make regarding their body and the right to life? Your judgments and conclusions may suit your life…yet they may not fit the lives of others in their life or circumstance…It is this self-righteousness that is leading to the decline of humanity. Infringing upon the rights….free-will and freedoms of others only leads to dissension and demise…

Condemning or condoning another person’s decisions is to play God…especially when their decisions are theirs to make…

Our accountability on the exercising of our free-will is not answerable to man…but to a higher source…especially when the choices we make are inclusive to ourselves…without infringing upon the lives of anyone outside of our circle.

For me…there is God…because I cannot have traveled my journey to this part of my life… without Supreme Presence…through the chaos created by Man….

Choices…that are clearly individual….within our free-will and our choice to choose…have become everybody’s business…someone else’s judgment…which usurps and halts our freedom…our right to be…our free-will.

Suddenly, voting rights around the country are being changed to disenfranchise specific voters at the cost of our democracy…if our democracy was strong, these orchestrated attempts to gain an edge in elections would not have been allowed to come into play.

What has happened to Freedom?

If freedom is so easy to take away or halt…we must ask the question…and the question is: “Have we ever had Freedom…or ever really been free…at all?”

Creating false beliefs to freedom have always been in practice and always been in play…right before our very eyes….and somehow…some way….we have allowed ourselves to be conned into believing…that Freedom Rings….

Home of the Brave…

Land of the Free…

Whose freedom?!

We are always being forced to comply with someone else’s ideas…theories…conclusions…conspiracies…

Lately, it is the belief that people have grown used to being supported by government stimulus and have no desire to go back into the workforce…Nothing could be further from the truth…yet all of a sudden, it is safe to go out without masks…if you’re vaccinated…People are being pressured into getting vaccinations by dangling freedoms in front of them like carrots…people who need the unemployment stimulus, are being forced to go back to work, even if they are not qualified…. or over qualified…lost their jobs which are never coming back…have child care or not…have children that are still out of school…have not overcome pandemic post traumatic stress and fears… Yet someone else’s misplaced beliefs and conclusions, have taken precedence over your freedom to decide when your life can once again find the “normal” to function and participate in the mainstream of living…without fear and deprivation.

Use your “Savior’s Staff” to eradicate Racism…Hatred…Prejudice…Discrimination…Selfishness….Greed…and all the other unpleasantries that are engaged in and practiced to tear apart humanity and destroy truth…and castrate love….

Can we let go of judgments…control and power long enough to…

Let Freedom Ring?

Time will surely tell…

America’s clock is ticking…..

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