A World of Lies…Or the Light of Truth?

A World of Lies…or the Light of Truth…

Which would you prefer?

A world of lies…or the light of truth?

I strive to tell the truth and shine the light of truth in everything that I do…I would rather sting in the moment of truth rather than drown in an ocean of lies.

What I write isn’t always going to be popular, pleasant, or delightful…however, it will be the truth…not “my truth,” but the truth…

It is important that we build our lives in truth…and live our lives from truth…no matter how we might perceive it as painful or too sobering…because lessons in truth form the core of our being…and should we speak from “our truth” it should always be drawn from experience.

Opinions “of truth” are just that…opinions.  We should not offer opinions of truth because they tend to distort “innocence” in thinking for oneself…and create someone else’s point of view within our consciousness. 

Our quest for truth is a journey of enlightenment for our souls…we nurture our desire to be filled with light…the light of truth elevates our being…gives us powerful insights… and allows us to see the real reality of any situation.

When we accept lies, we cloud our consciousness and our perceptions to what is reality…and what is not.  Because lies are constructed on falsehood, they will eventually crumble and tumble down…bringing you along with it. 

Sometimes, there can be no recovery because the damage is too severe…and one cannot emerge without scars…or the loss of one’s soul.

Truth and lies…a fine line to walk…yet an easy line to cross.

My sincere and deepest thanks to everyone who ventures across this threshold and stops for a read or two…and sometimes, what you’ve, read resonates your soul…and you take a seat…to see what is coming next, from this school of thought…

You are the tomorrows of today…walking your path of light in search of truth.

Welcome to this journey…I promise to always bring you truth…because deep within the caverns of our souls…

Truth…is what we are….

And what we seek to become…

A part of the flame that eternally burns…

In Truth….

A world of lies is fleeting…

Only truth remains constant…

Savor the transformation….

A new day and age has dawned…

A World of Lies…

Or the Light of Truth?

Let the Light shine…

Within…and without….


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