America…The Ugly?

I had been wanting to write something a few days ago…and my instincts told me to wait…Today’s startling and horrific events which took place at our nation’s Capitol was not anticipated to be the topic of my post…it was going to be on the future…how we must accentuate the positive…and how change for the beginning of our nation was on the upswing with the winning of two new Senators from Georgia…who were bringing positive and new ideals to the Senate…where a 50/50 split and a deciding vote in the Senate…was as it should be…and should have always been…because THAT is the meaning of “bipartisan” politics…

Then…once again…Trump happens. He has a penchant for making sure that he is at the center of every chaotic chapter of government and democracy unraveling to the tune of his demented imaginings…The problem is so simple to fix…yet those who can fix it lack the courage and integrity to do so.

Therefore, the world received another bird’s eye view into “The Ugly Americans.”

We cannot preach to the world what we cannot or will not practice. We cannot condemn what is perceived as “Third World” behavior…when Trump is writing the script and putting it into inception by his dictator mentality and his sociopathic behavior. Demanding loyalty to his divisive and destructive antics…

Four people died today at this domestic terrorist insurrection devised by Trump…Does anyone think he cares? One would think that his Party would snap out of it and understand that this person they so fear and have pledged their undying loyalty to, is just a man…a demented one no less…but just a man. A man who has lost an election and will be out of the White House, by hook or crook…on January 20, 2021. The fear and cowardice of his Party…has brought us to this moment of his lunacy…due to their quest for power…

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

Edmund Burke knew… It takes truly special men and women to put country and its people first… The Republican Party has shown us in majority that they put themselves…first…Power over People…creating…”America…The Ugly.”

Now that this “Reign of Terror” which most of the GOP supported…and many still silently support, is nearing its public end…What is waiting in the wings…in their subversive chamber of horrors?

Will “Trumpism” fade into the woodwork once he is led from the White House? If only they had the courage and conviction to invoke Article 25… Two more weeks of Trump can give America another shocking and brutally devastating blow under his demonic madness in instigating boiling cauldrons of chaos…

Tomorrow is another day…

Let us hope that we are safe…

Not only from the virus…

But from each other…

Again we are relying on the compassion of one another to know the difference between right and wrong…and doing the right thing.

The other cheek is now stained with blood…

America…The Ugly?

We cannot afford to offer another cheek. To strengthen our nation we must be true to the values and documents of our democracy…

Article 25…its your turn to color America…beautiful…..

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  1. Colorful Sisters
    Jan 07, 2021 @ 03:41:19

    Definitely an amazing blog 🙂



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