Tricks…Treats…and Truth….

Tricks…Treats…and Truth…

This Halloween is certainly different from last year…

All Hallows Eve is supposed to be the day when the veil between the living and the dead is thin…and allows souls of the dead to come back to earth and walk among the living…

People would leave out food and candy for the dead, in the hope that the evil spirits would leave them alone…

Could that be what happened in 2016…around Election time?

Do you think if we left out some candy and food…maybe a ton of big macs and two tons of fries…we could exorcise the White House of its dead souls…and have them all back behind the veil of their waiting homes by November 3rd?

That would be a trick and a gaggle of treats worth exploring…

The truth is…it was a beautiful, large Blue Moon…it would have been perfect to have tons of costumed children and their parents and friends, parading up and down the street of houses whose yards were full of the greatest decorations and “Thriller” fare, knocking on doors and asking for candy…and watching the children…and adults light up with delight at receiving their favorite treats!

The coronavirus…voter suppression and other election divisive tactics…and election anxiety… have cast a huge shadow on this year’s Halloween celebration…

Maybe next year…Kids big and small…can celebrate…and the only masks we will wear, are those which match our costumes!

The Trick…is to stay sane…

The Treat…is to be safe…

And the Truth…is if we do our part in social distancing and wearing a mask, we can lessen the spread of this virus…bring it that much closer to being contained until a vaccine is available…and save lives.

Have a mellow Halloween…

Next Halloween… We’ll be back!!!

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