Food For Thought…

While out on my daily walks this past week at a beautiful forest park in the middle of the city where I live,  I noticed many people out walking, running and biking along the trails…without masks…and without social distancing, which is posted in visual and worded detail, upon entering the park… Children are present with a parent or two…Boys and girls soccer teams…elderly people…without masks…sans social distancing….

Here is some food for thought…

We all breathe the same air… when people are running without masks, walking, biking and socializing, believing that they are protected because they are in the “open air”…did you ever stop to think about the transmission of this virus? It is AIRBORNE…

The open air, is not going to protect you from the virus…because it is airborne.  It travels through the air.  When someone coughs…or sneezes…or breathes heavily, as in running, they are releasing particles from their mouths…which are large particles…aerosol in nature, into the open air… When one comes behind them, they are exposing themselves to whatever is lingering in the air after that person or persons has expelled the contents of their person…into the air.

Asymptomatic…contagious…one has no idea…yet, one is exposing themselves to a greater possibility of contracting Covid-19, because they believe they are “safe” in an open air environment. So…why wear masks? Why practice social distancing? Why care about the next person? Chances are, you’re good, right?

Wear a mask. Period. Practice social distancing. Period. Why take chances? Maybe it would take you or someone you love to contract this disease…would that bring it home to finally take heed?

Don’t play Russian roulette with your health or the health of others… Until everyone takes this virus seriously and practices social distancing and wearing masks…it’s going to prolong the longevity of this disease.  Defiance will only result in more sickness…death…and shutdowns…

This is the new normal…be flexible and willing to change your lifestyle for now. If everyone does their civic duty to themselves and our communities, we can and will beat the odds of this pandemic.

This virus is airborne…wear a mask at all times, outside of your home…no matter what you are doing…and especially when you are out at parks and recreational areas where groups of people gather…believing…that because they are outdoors…they are safe…and there is no need of masks…or social distancing…

Nothing could be farther from the truth…use common sense…be wise…once this virus is under control and a vaccine is available, safe, tested and proven to contain and stop the spread of Covid-19…then…and only then…can masks come off…and social distancing, will clearly be a choice of liking or disliking someone enough…to let them get close….

Just some Food For Thought……

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