What has to happen to get people to take Covid-19  seriously?! I went shopping at Walmart today, and before going inside, I saw a man without a mask, and a random woman walked up to him, without a mask, and started asking him questions… After asking her questions, she thanked him, and walked towards the entrance…Maybe they were exchanging the virus, instead of information…

Once inside, everyone within view had on masks, and some, like myself, also wore gloves… Then it happened! I started seeing people without masks! I wondered how they got inside the store, because right on the entrance, it is posted that masks are mandatory to enter the store! They also have someone monitoring at the door, to make sure a mask is on your face before entering the store…


Are they entering the store from the Gardening department or some other unmanned entrance? Or are they being “clever” and removing their face coverings after they enter the store?

Can this be another reason for the unexplained spikes of the virus?

My niece and I had a conversation today about people not taking this pandemic seriously…She is 20 years, and she said that the young people in California aren’t taking this seriously… She is practicing social distancing…wearing gloves… wearing masks…sometimes two masks she said…she’s on hold from working…she’s concerned and worried that people’s lives are hanging in the balance because everyone should care for themselves…and others.

Seriously…everyone must cooperate with due diligence if we are going to emerge from this with a chance at being able to enjoy our tactile ways of living again…virus-free means mask-free…and that will come about when a vaccine is tested and deemed safe and available to the public…which is in the works… until then, we must practice the protocols required to protect us from this deadly illness…

To those who are doing your part and being mindful of others as well as yourself, you are to be commended, once again…

Please, please…think about those who are doing the right thing by you, as well as themselves…in wearing masks…gloves…and social distancing…

Seriously…our lives are in one another’s hands…literally.

We have all been charged to be our brothers and sisters keepers…
We have been called unanimously to serve one another in kindness and compassion…The ending of this pandemic depends upon everyone doing their part to be a better version of themselves…by doing the right thing…by being selfless in thinking of others…while protecting yourselves…

Seriously…can we make the grade?

What do you think?

We will see…







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    Jul 18, 2020 @ 19:26:25




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