As March Goes Out…April Comes In…Let Us Not Be Fools…

March came in humbling humanity in the wake of a virus which is now a pandemic… As April Comes In…Let Us Not Be Fools…

We must continue to practice social distancing and disinfecting and taking care of one another while taking care, ourselves…We cannot act as if we are invincible or untouchable…we must always be mindful and careful…with friends…family, and if you’re considered an essential worker…with your co-workers.  We are all family now.  If we become each other’s Guardian Angels…we will make it through to the other side of this devastation stronger and better spiritually…mentally…emotionally…and physically connected and bonded as it was in the beginning…reactivating the love which dwells within all of us…

I want to share part of an article I read today from the New York Times…

Afghans meet coronavirus with kindness, waiving rent and distributing food and masks to their neighbors.

In a moment of need, ordinary Afghans have stepped up to generously share the little that they have, easing the pain of an impending health crisis that is turning into another test of survival for a country where life has been a daily fight for decades.

Across Afghanistan, many landlords have waived rent, in some cases indefinitely until the virus threat recedes. Tailors have handed out thousands of homemade face masks. Youth groups and athletes have delivered food to hospitals and families in destitution. Wedding halls and private schools have volunteered to be turned into hospitals.

The owner of a marketplace of 40 shops forgave rent not just for the month, but for as long as the epidemic continues. The governor of one province set up an emergency Covid-19 fund and in just one day received contributions of more than $100,000.

Mohamed Kareem Tawain, an 80-year-old dentist in Herat, the center of the outbreak in Afghanistan, said that he had experienced multiple wars and droughts in his lifetime, and that Afghanistan was better prepared to deal with the virus than those past scourges.

“I am not too terrified,” he said. “Although it is difficult times, if we join hands, God willing, the corona problem will pass.”

What beautiful and incredibly generous gestures being given by those living in a country ravaged by so much destruction!!!  Think of what could be done here in America!!!  Student loans could be forgiven…how many landlords could waive rents here?!  What about marketplaces, Malls?  How many could forgive shops and small businesses renting storefronts and mall spaces?  This pandemic is taking lives as if there may be no tomorrow…Stepping up to ease the fear of the masses in any and all ways possible… would relieve the panic of destitution and economic loss to those who live from paycheck to paycheck…fixed incomes and temporary employment situations.  No one should have to worry about healthcare and medicine…especially during this time…

We can always do more… And our capacity to do good…and to do what is right…will be put to the test…in the coming months… more than ever before in this life! Let us not be April Fools…

Love thy neighbors and embrace our world families…We are neighbors…and we are family…this realization is given to us…whether we want it to be…or not…whether we like it…or not…yet… there is a great joy in belonging to one another…reaching out to one another…and yes, loving one another!

What greater works are these, than Selflessness and Love?

We have been directed to be one another’s Salvation…We have been appointed as one another’s Comforter…

Let us not be Fools in accepting this mission of serving one another…

Let us follow those stepping up in humility…

And Love….


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