It Was The Night Before Christmas…

It was the night before Christmas… and all through the Nation…

People were scurrying about and crying out to Creation:

“All I want for Christmas is a new  President! The one now in office, from Hell he was sent!”

His colleagues and constituents are demons too! Spinning lies to cover lies, What on earth can we do?!

They have taken all the laws and bent them to their gain…Wiping their backsides with the Constitution in blatant disdain!

Dumping on impeachment with their majority rule….crushing any chance for a challenging duel!

The Ghosts from Christmas Future, Present and Past, sent out their answer in a thundering blast: “You know what to do, hold fast to your course! The answer lays in the Founding Fathers’ source….They were Americans first and foremost, above all…no party…no man… could sway that call!  Honor, liberty and loyalty to the Nation…God and Truth… sealed this station!

Stand tall, STAND TALL!  The derelict party will FALL! Their duty is not to themselves…they’ve ignored the call… Ears that cannot hear, and eyes that cannot see….will no longer succeed, they will cease to be!!!”

It was the night before Christmas…and all through the Nation….

A new world was forming to reshape creation….Christmas is rebirth, when miracles are born….the hour has come…to sound the horn!

“All I want for Christmas is a new President!” The Nation can have one….the stage has been set….

Merry Christmas to all…and to all, a good night…. the miracle is coming…and well within sight.

Stand tall, STAND TALL!  The outcome is our call.

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December 2019
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