My Friend…Kristoff

I was shocked and saddened by Kristoff’s passing…He had so much more life ahead of him to experience! However, the loss of his son, and the resulting depression was a tremendous burden to bear…No matter how strong a person is, depression can be difficult to overcome…

Depression is a mental anxiety that can be relentless…and it requires patience, love and attentiveness from loved ones and friends…always!  You take each day, one day at a time…and just when you think you’re on the mend, there’s a “trigger” which catapults you back to that moment, and it becomes a constant struggle to maintain your place and purpose in the world…I’m sure that was the case with Kristoff…the love and goodness of his spirit could not come to grips with his loss….

I met Kristoff back in the 80’s when I worked in the entertainment industry.  He would come into the agency alone or with his father.  We always had great conversations and shared many laughs together.  We became fast friends.   I marveled at Kristoff”s “old soul” aura.  He was so kind and exuded warmth to a fault.

He never flaunted his celebrity or consciously drew attention his way…He was quietly humble, yet sure and articulate when he spoke.  He was always genuine…always down to earth.  Kristoff had this way about him where he made you feel like you were the only person in the room…and he never became ruffled when he was approached by people while having a meal.  He’d ask them to sit down and include them as if he’d known them for years!

I left the industry at the close of the 80’s, and still our paths managed to cross from time to time throughout the years.  One of those times, about 10 years after we met, I happened to see him sitting at the restaurant bar where I was meeting some friends for dinner.  Kristoff looked up and saw me and his face lit up. “Charlene! Have a seat!” I laughed, amazed, and said, “You still remember me after all these years?! And he said,  “Of course, I remember you! What have you been up to?!” He patted the chair next to him.  That was Kristoff…

Rest in Love, Dear Friend……

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