Mothers Are The Salt Of The Earth…..

Mom - Maine 2013 (3).JPGMy mother transitioned from earth on March 17, 2016…Yes, today is Mother’s Day, yet there isn’t a day that passes that she isn’t missed!  Mothers are special.  And if yours is still here and with you, remember to let her know how much you love her…let her know how much she means to you…forget the disagreements and the mother’s love that can sometimes be too much! Never forget that moms are people too… They make mistakes…they’re not perfect…and you can teach and learn from each other.

Mothers are the glue that ultimately holds our lives together…until we can put ourselves together, recalling our moms’ wisdom and guidance.  Don’t wait for a day once in a year to show your appreciation…love…thanks…and admiration.  Mothers are the salt of the earth…

I miss my mother. While she lives on in my heart and in my memories…there’s nothing that compares to picking up a phone to hear her voice on the other end…or driving over to see her face to face…

God’s Love to mothers everywhere! Happy Mother’s Day!

Love and kisses, Mom…


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