The Women’s March…


The Women’s March on Washington DC, took place on Saturday, January 21, 2017….It was such an incredible moment in time! The energy was phenomenal, and the unity was undeniable.20170121_111413-1

The diversity of America was well represented in the sea of 500,000 plus women and families who showed up filling the Great Mall and beyond, to give voice to and protect the liberties and hard fought for human, women, and civil rights which have shaped America as a nation of freedom around the globe!

New friendships were formed in revisiting the sacrifices made for independence, freedom of speech, and the right to dream, in a country guided by a Constitution that defines and celebrates its guarantee and means to ensure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…

The bittersweet realization of this March was to bring home the meaning of America to a changing of the guard in the White House who have lost their prospective on what America is really all about…

The Women’s March was just the beginning…

I’m humbled to have been a small part in maintaining the legacy of freedom and equality…which is the formation and the great promise…of America.




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