Business As Usual? Not Today!


As each new day comes and goes…a feeling grows and grows…

Today January 11th, was an unusual day for me…a day of many calls…The energy of anxiety is here, and it’s growing! So many people have taken a backseat to everything believing that all things will resume in business as usual…No…No…never again! Those who feel the unrest within, can’t put their finger on it, yet they know something is in the air…things are out of sorts.

Some people called me two and three times when we did not first connect…Some I spoke and listened to for over an hour…maybe longer.  Some will wait until tomorrow…

Life will never be the same! Get ready for a ride wilder than Mr. Toad’s!

For those of you who know and see and feel it in your gut…Be the beacon and shine a light in the darkness that seeks to extinguish all the is good…

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