The Eve of The 4th of July…

Three years ago today, Mom and I made our way to New Hampshire on the way to fulfilling her wish to live in Maine.  Spurned on by the deceitful and shameful attack on her life by a mentally challenged and dysfunctional family of former siblings, Mom’s hopes were dashed and her future forever altered by those lies and deceit of a spiritually bankrupt group bent on greed and sibling rivalry to alter our course of reality.

Mom is now gone….she passed away on Saint Patrick’s Day of this year, 2016. July 3rd will always be a sad lead-in to “Independence Day…” It was July 3, 2013, that Mom lost her independence, because some sad and deluded individuals overshadowed and overtook what was not theirs to take…

Through my anger and sadness, I pray that God will take on the deed of dealing with all of them proper…as well as giving them notice on why their path of Divine Retribution will be lasting and notable… because there is no road back to redemption for disciples of Darkness…Right, Lisa Boatwright, Deidre Bangs, Brenda Blake, Shajuan Blake, Gregory Bangs, Brett Boatwright, Mignon Jiles, Ojwan Jiles? Those of you who knew the truth and stood by and did nothing while lies and despicable deeds were perpetrated is just like you committing the crime itself.

This is what you get to live with, everyone knowing what you did, or did not do to challenge the injustice. God will not be as forgiving as those you duped and those who assisted…. God knows every ones hearts…you can’t hide the truth from Him…HE IS TRUTH….Anyone who removes a crucifix from the neck of a God-fearing woman, is on a collision course with the Almighty…Lisa, you have much to answer for…Maybe God will pity you, if you start on your knees….Deidre and Brenda, it might be wise to follow suit.

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