Good Friday…What’s Good About It?


When you reflect upon Good Friday…What’s really good about it? It was perhaps the worst day in the history of mankind in revealing his true nature…it ran the gambit from betrayal…denial of knowing…selling for 100 pieces of silver…doubting miracles…jealousy…envy…discrediting…maligning…lying…defiling of Temples…to the eventual taking of the Messiah’s life.

What does God see in us that we cannot see in ourselves? All of man’s corruptions then, are still going on now…magnified in their horrific intensity and visited upon the innocent and just without conscious or remorse…day in and day out…just as it was visited upon the Christ nearly 2000 years ago.

What was good about that Friday so long ago, is that Jesus did not walk away from the promise of His being…dying for the sins of the world gave man everlasting life…

Can man be saved? Is Mankind worth such a selfless sacrifice? Has much changed with the passage of time since the inception of Good Friday?

Be still…hold silent…quiet your chaos and hear the voice of God…

Good Friday…what’s so good about it? You’re still here! Imagine…where you would be…if God gave up on you….


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